Saturday, May 28, 2016

When Raff* makes the rules, he always screws himself

Look! It's Robin Hoodwinked
Raff* has decided to start making rules again. Unfortunately for Raff*, when you apply the rules he demands everyone else follow to Raff*, his entire argument swirls the drain.

Case in point....

Oh really? The statement above is concrete proof of the stupidity of Raff* Sink. Raff* has been comparing blurry, altered doctored photos for years to try to back up his claims. He has failed at every attempt.

Like this one....

Let's apply Raff*s rule. If the photo above stands alone, on it's own authenticity, then we know that Oswald can't be in the photo. At the time he photo was taken, Ozzy was on his way to, or already at, the Dallas Police Department.

And Raff* knows that because we discussed this two years ago....

Raff* has a bad habit of reminding people of the obvious....that he's full of shit.

But he says this as well....

I understand that your claims don't stand up to scrutiny. And what are you doing comparing photos of three different people Raff*? You have to let the photos stand on their own. On the left is Billy Lovelady. In the middle is an unidentified male and on the right is your boy Ozzy.

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  1. Isn't it nice he's responding to you, B ??? LOL !!!