Sunday, April 11, 2021

SWING AND A MISS! or: Fetzer strikes out

It took a couple of years but the result was well worth the wait. Jim Fetzer, as any regular visitor to F.A.R.T. knows, lost in a civil suit brought on by Leonard Pozner after Fetzer accused him of posting a fake death certificate for his son Noah. Noah was one of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting perpetrated by Adam Lanza just a week before Christmas in 2012 (December 14th to be exact).

Fetzer spent a couple of years pontificating that the entire Sandy Hook ordeal was fake. His claim that no one died at Sandy Hook became the title of his book on the ordeal. Fetzer would take every opportunity to promote his position and even got a little cocky about the situation....

Screen capture from Kevin Barrett's Patreon page

 One should be careful what they wish for.... 7 months later, Lenny Pozner did just that. If you would like to hear two educated idiots discuss the situation prior to Mr. Pozner kicking Fetzer's ass in court to the tune of $1.1 million and change....go here: Kevin Barrett's Truth Gee Hod

Lenny Pozner won a summary judgement against Fetzer. Fetzer appealed. Lenny Pozner had a jury award him $450,00 for damages. Fetzer appealed. Lenny Pozner had the court award him $650,000 for attorney fees because Fetzer was found in contempt of court twice for giving copies of confidential deposition material to among others, a disbarred lawyer who in violation of multiple state's laws, helped Fetzer lose his case. Fetzer appealed. 

Fetzer loses the first appeal...strike one. Fetzer loses the second appeal....strike two. Fetzer loses the third appeal....he's out.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.....

If you would like to read the actual orders and decisions issued by the Wisconsin Courts, go to this link which is a website put up by Lenny Pozener:


Sunday, January 3, 2021

Let's Not Mince Words: Judyth Vary Baker Is A Liar


Gollum Goes To School
Judyth Vary Baker (aka Judyth Very Faker) continues to lie about things that can be easily verified. Judy has made a comfortable living lying about her past and the actions of others. She even admitted to waiting to come out with her fictional life story until certain people were dead, for fear of being sued. The reason for that is Judy doesn't limit her lies to her own life, no....she continually lies about the lives of others.

Here is Judyth's latest post describing her lie about how she enrolled at the University of Florida in 1962...

Her entire narrative about late entry into college was shown to be a lie way back in March of 2017. But Judyth has a knack for ignoring the facts and the people that present them. She just refuses to address the issue. She's been called out and many of her followers have tried to debunk my debunking but they've failed.

You can read the truth about the situation here: Judy's Emancipation Proclamation

Judyth Vary Baker is a liar......

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Rebecca Carnes: bitch can't take the heat



What gratitude! I put her in the top line of Googled images and this is the thanks I get.......

Access denied by site owner.

You see, Rebecca is not only the laziest Sandy Hooker on the planet, she also lies through her teeth when she says she just wants the truth. I provided a link to the truth in the comment section  of her latest attempt at fame.
Apparently, she didn't appreciate my efforts.

Now, unlike Rebecca, we actually want the truth and are willing to accept comments from anyone that takes the time to leave them.

Invitation is yours Rebecca.....don't be such a wanker....use it!

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Rebecca's Back...and fails miserably

 Our favorite Sandy Hooker (next to Jim "I owe Lenny a Million $'s" Fetzer) Rebecca Carnes is back with her latest example of Sandy Hook Super Sleuthing......

Rebecca has found a "NEW lie"....wait....I think she means new to her because what she's about to bloviate upon has been around since the Sandy Hook shooting, which was years ago. Not to mention that the subject of her impeccable research skills was covered by Halbig and Fetzer years ago. I think that the reason I get so much joy in covering Rebecca's fuck-ups because she has to be the laziest "researcher" IN DA WORLD....

Here is the link to her blog which has a short video explaining her discovery..

Rebecca's Blog or: How I spent My Covid Vacation

Rebecca has a problem with windows and paper candles. As we see in these caps from her video, she starts by describing the windows that were damaged by shots being fired in the classroom by Adam Lanza. She shows the windows the day after the shooting...

The window in the center of the screencap shows damage from the bullets that hit the glass. Notice that there are no paper candles as seen in the windows to each side.

Next, Rebecca moves to a video shot the night of the shooting and in that video, there are paper candles shown in that particular window...

OH MY GOD! Where did the paper candles go? This has to be proof that the entire shooting episode was faked!!!!!

Not only did Halbig and Fetzer try to make a big deal about the same thing years ago, but it was debunked repeatedly by most everyone and their brother. The candles were taken down the next day when the crime scene investigators started working on reproducing the shot trajectories of the bullets fired by Adam Lanza.

If you notice in the second screen shot I provide, you can see the pink straws the crime scene investigators shoved through the holes in the window casing to show the direction of the bullet exiting the class room.

Here's a link to Sandy Hook Facts, that debunked this whole thing back in 2017... 

On that page is a video that goes through the entire scenario starting at 3 minutes in. Here's the same video on YouTube...

And you thought Ralph Cinque was the worst photo analyst in the world.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

SHADOW GATE : or a lesson in biting the hand that feeds you

*just for the record, I blame it on the girl friend...

Meet Millie Weaver. Ms. Weaver is also known as Millennial Millie and has worked hard to garner a large online following. Below is a screen cap of her YouTube channel and as you can see, she has almost half a million subscribers.

Notice the documentary is missing between the trailer and the update
The Shadow Gate Plot: The Military Industrial Complex, through it's contractors, run various elaborate, clandestine networks that are being used to undermine the privacy of citizens, influence our elections, create chaos by instigating civil unrest and attempted to remove President Trump from office.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Fetzering To The Tune Of Over $1.1 Million

Jim Fetzer just got hit with his second finding for contempt and the result is $650,000 in legal fees awarded to Leonard Pozner, father of Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner.

This new judgement puts the score at $1,107,395.13 for Mr. Pozner!

Friday, July 17, 2020

There's A Shill In The Air

Well, our two favorite Sandy Hookers have kissed and made up. That's right, Rebecca "The Disappearing Hooker" Carnes and Jim "I Owe Lenny Pozner Damn Near Half A Mil" Fetzer are now officially a couple!

Batshit Becky made an appearance on Fetzer's website to address someone that pointed out that Becky called Fetzer a blackwashing op.....