Tuesday, April 25, 2017


We're going to take one last look at Judyth Very Faker's friend, Linda Burpler*. It seems that Linda is a celebrity in her own little world of aluminum food wrapping and as you'll see, much like Judyth Very Faker, in her ability to insert herself into historical events. You'll also see that Judyth could take a few tips from Linda, on how to assume the identity of someone else, in an attempt to bolster your claims.

Linda was recently bemoaning the fate of her Doctor's father's inhumane treatment by a United Airlines subsidiary. Linda was accusing the UK Daily Mail News of misreporting the story and not fact checking their claim that Linda's Doctor's father's criminal record was actually that of another Dr. David Dao. Sadly, it was discovered that the UK Daily Mail had the right Dao and the right criminal history.



Linda scrubbed her posts on the subject of misreporting and shared another person's post on her page to cover the fact that she was the origin of the claim made on Judyth Very Faker's facebook page. When posting on Judyth's page, Linda Burpler* posted this....

Expert on the Bush Crime Family.....now how in the hell could I pass that up?

After a little net searching, I found that Linda Burpler* has a history in the area of misidentification and false attribution....
Photo from Linda Burpler*'s facecrook posts
Linda Burpler* emerged on the scene back about the time that Judyth was first chumming the JFK waters by reciting a story and waiting to see where the holes were picked. Then, Judyth would change her story with a more convoluted explanation to fill the gaps.

Linda's method was a little simpler...

Remember the Birther Wars? Sure you do. Back when Barack Obama was running for President, the story of his birth certificate was major fodder for the extremists in the conspiracy world, both on the left and right. If you had a notion to wipe out a good majority of the political wing nuts in the U.S., just gather your Dealey Plaza Dozen (they could even pack the crappy Mannlichers) and position them discretely around the Supreme Court. Next, have someone drop a copy of an Obama birth certificate. Wait 30 minutes.....

Some people have credited Linda Burpler* with starting the entire Birther issue. According to one author, Linda has taken credit herself. Here is an excerpt from John Avlon's article at the Daily Beast. Avlon wrote a book titled Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America...

The entire article can be found here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2010/02/08/the-secret-history-of-the-birthers.html

Linda Sue Burpler* is actually Linda Starr. Not, as I found out, to be confused with the actual Linda Starr. Or L.G. Starr. Or this Linda Belcher...

Let me back up....Linda Sue Burpler* was using the name Linda Starr as a way to try to give herself some anonymity. I can understand that. I mean, who would want someone like Raff* Sink hounding you at your home or work as he's been known to do.(Just ask Joe Backes) The funny thing is, Linda Sue Burpler* is the Raff* Sink of the Birther world. From what I can gather, Linda Burpler* is described as a lying sac-o-crap everywhere she's left her mark, just like Raff*. I wish I could find some of the posts referenced by her detractors because they describe this woman as a real piece of work and a "bitch from Hell".

Regardless of her similarities to Raff*, Linda says she pulled the name 'Starr' out of a hat according to one poster at a forum, located at Fogbow.com. (More on Fogbow in a moment) The problem is/was, that there were people posting Birther propaganda on the net in various locations under their actual name, Linda Starr.
But her choice wasn't made at the break out of the Birther Wars, it was way back during the Memogate days of Dan Rather at CBS News. Apparently, there were a series of articles posted at a site called Online Journal written by a Linda Starr. Linda Burpler*(Starr) was not the person that wrote these articles but would link to them in various net postings. Some people assumed they were one and the same. The forum members at Fogbow tried to sort it all out.

About Fogbow...www.fogbow.com/home

Fogbow was created because of the Birthers.

As an aside....Linda Burpler*, as it turns out, was not the actual ground zero for the Birther movement. Discussions about Obama's country of birth were generated by other individuals, in other places long before Linda Burpler* latched on to the meme.

(For the JFKers out there it's like Raff*'s fascination with his 'doorman'. He didn't originate the idea but became it's most bat-shit crazy proponent).

That being said, many say that Linda Burpler* spewed more venom and vitriol over the matter than anyone else and could be credited with spreading the Birther bullshit further than anyone.

The Birther issue was a money maker for some, fodder for the nightly news channels and a chance to punk the nation by Obama. All three played their part well. Two individuals rose to the top of the Birther movement or should we say settled to the bottom of the bowl fastest...considering the term "movement" is quite fitting, if you think of one that starts in the small intestine.

The Birther Wars finally came to conflict as a result of East Coast Birther Phil Berg suing West Coast Birther Orly Taitz.

Orly is the blow up doll come to life on your left. Berg is on your right. And we all know the asshat in the middle...

Quick synopsis:

Linda Burpler* Starr worked for East Coast Birther Phil Berg.
Linda played web-nazi for Berg as in "No comment allowed for YOU! You are banned."
Linda didn't like co-worker #1 and decided to dig up dirt on her and complained to the boss.
Linda told the boss that co-worker #1 should not be handling donations due to prior convictions.
Linda said it would tarnish their work.
Berg was apparently racking up serious coin by drumming the faithful for donations.

Linda was let go after having her web privileges taken away.

Linda Burpler* Starr went to work for West Coast Birther Orly Taitz
Linda told Taitz about prior co-worker #1 at Berg's.
Taitz/Linda disseminated the dirt on her former co-worker to thousands via email and web postings.
Linda and Orly went on a radio show and dished the dirt.
Orly was trying to rack up some serious coin herself, by drumming the faithful for donations.

Berg's employee and a radio lady sued Taitz, Burpler*, the radio guy, an investigator, et al.

If you thought the JFK forums were nothing but snark, you ain't seen nothing yet....

Fogbow is da bomb. They get it.

This first link is concerning the original lawsuit... link: Liberi v. Taitz, et al.
(L. Liberi is the co-worker of Linda Burpler* and sued her and Taitz for trashing her on the net.)

This next link is for the filing of the suit in Texas, where Burpler* lives... link:  Liberi, et al. v. Belcher, et al.
(The original suit was filed in a district in Pennsylvania where Berg had his office. The suit had to be refiled in Texas due to jurisdictional issues. It's all explained as you read along)

I've spent the past week catching up on the threads. I've had to consume a lot of Grey Goose in the past week. It's like reading a Fetzer thread explaining how his dog crapping on the carpet was a false flag event. The only thing missing was blaming it on Da Joooooooos.

To give you an example of the brilliance of Linda Burpler* I have this excerpt from an affidavit attached to the filing that explains some of the actions of Linda Burpler*....

Here is a listing of the article mentioned...

On a third thread in the forum, Linda Burpler* is the topic of the thread. As the thread progresses, the members try to iron out just which Linda is Judyth's Linda Burpler*...link:  Linda Belcher Speaks!
Here is where someone brings up the excerpt about Linda L. Starr dying in a car accident....

Linda Burpler was lurking, reading and then decided to respond with a complaint about how they were discussing her....

Serious injuries? Well I guess your injuries were pretty serious considering .....


I can't believe the Fogbow folks didn't catch that.

But who am I to nit pick.

Now let's look at those Memogate claims.....

The following is an excerpt from a book written by Mary Mapes. Mapes was the producer that ended up being fired after the Killian papers (Faked documents covering Bush's National Guard service) were found to be fabricated....

So it turns out that Linda Burpler*/Starr was connected to the Memogate documents. It is a small world after all.

I guess we can credit Linda Burpler* with getting everyone's favorite JFK TV reporter, Dan Rather, fired.

After wading through all of this, I also guess it's time to switch to a double shot of Asbach and hit the publish button.

I only have one question........Is this the real Linda Burpler*?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Judy Jr. Seems Confused

Yesterday, I brought to you the next Judyth wanna-be Linda Burpler*

Linda was going on and on about how her Doctor's father was bounced off a United flight and he was NOT the same Dr. David Dao that was convicted for prescribing controlled substances to a guy he was bumping uglies with.

Turns out that Linda Burpler was wrong.....or was she?

Today, she now says that her Doctor is John Dao.....yesterday it was Tim Dao.



From the article I linked to yesterday.....


.........seems Linda Burpler* has trouble keeping her story straight. Much like Judyth Very Faker!


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Welcome To Our Next Guest, Judy Jr.!

Ever hear the expression, birds of a feather flock together?

Welcome to facecrook, and the next Judyth Very Faker wannabe.....Linda Burpler*

Judyth posted some comments by Linda, on her facecrook page yesterday, in which Linda was venting at United Airlines for bumping a passenger, literally, off a flight from Chicago to Louisville.

Linda took offense to United's actions because they guy they bounced happened to be her Doctor's father!

Small world huh?  Linda went on to accuse the UK Daily Mail of not doing their job of fact checking things before they ran their article on the matter. And Linda considers herself to be in a position to criticize because as it turns out, she's an "expert" on the Bush Crime Family
Here's how it went down....

Now, here are a few comments on Judyth's post where Linda defends her position. And the nice thing about the series of comments is the virtual smorgasbord of tin foil or, a buffet of bullshit, if you will....

Now when Judyth says something is fishy, we have to take note. After taking note, we usually find that Judyth is smelling her upper lip.. 

Judyth needs to do a little research. The guy they're talking about was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months for each of several felony counts but had the sentence suspended and was granted 5 years supervised probation.
But let's look to the "expert" on criminal crap, Linda Burpler*....

Wow, paid crisis actors, Patsy Cline's plane shot down, Bush Crime Familyall in one thread.

As Raff* Sink would say..."That's Yahtzee BABY!"

According to Linda Burpler*, the UK Daily Mail was spreading false information about Linda's Doctor's father's criminal record. Linda should know, she has her Doctor's cell phone number! That seals it!!!

But if you go to this site: http://michaelbaisden.com/psychiatrist-reveals-doctor-dragged-off-united-flight-troubled-past/ you'll see that sadly, Linda Burpler*'s Doctor's father's criminal past is pretty much what was reported by the UK Daily Mail. 

Linda Burpler*'s Doctor's father turns out to be Dr. Freaky Deeky. Maybe Raff* can invite him down to the starvation ranch for a week of relaxation and daily trips to Enchanted Rock ( home of clandestine endeavors wink wink).

But I digress....

Linda Burpler* though, seems to have been wrong. All traces of the above conversation on Judyth's facecrook page went POOF just moments after I was able to grab screen shots.

But was Linda Burpler* able to cover her tracks? I ask because this is currently on her page.....

Linda Burpler* found where someone else posted the exact word for word comments that Judyth attributed to Linda. Unfortunately, the time stamp on Linda's post shows she posted that entry well after her comments were posted by Judyth.

Seems Linda Burpler* is an expert as being an asshat. 

A 'theory' supported by the L. A. Times: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-united-david-dao-20170412-story.html