Sunday, April 18, 2021

Batshit Becky Invents A New Alias UPDATE!

 Batshit Becky updated her blog...and here's the proof she is actually Sandra Archibald....

Here is the link to the cache version of the story that was removed from Makow's website:

Here's what it looks like....

 I don't know which is worse....her blatant libel or her stupidity.......

Batshit Becky Invents A New Alias

 She's baaaaaack.....

Rebecca Carnes AKA Sandra Archibald


You remember Batshit Becky? Of course you do! Rebecca Sandyhooker Carnes, former Jim Fetzer protégé, has graced the pages of F.A.R.T. on numerous occasions as I covered her lazy research skills, blatant bullshit and her trashing then backtracking on Jim Fetzer.

Batshit Becky has a blog....The Newtown Rooster. It went offline for a while after her feeble attempts to outdo Jim Fetzer with her half-assed attempts to put together a better narrative than Fetzer on the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings. I think she went off line to cover her ass when Fetzer was being sued by Lenny Pozner or because of backlash from some Newtown residents. We'll never know.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

SWING AND A MISS! or: Fetzer strikes out

It took a couple of years but the result was well worth the wait. Jim Fetzer, as any regular visitor to F.A.R.T. knows, lost in a civil suit brought on by Leonard Pozner after Fetzer accused him of posting a fake death certificate for his son Noah. Noah was one of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting perpetrated by Adam Lanza just a week before Christmas in 2012 (December 14th to be exact).

Fetzer spent a couple of years pontificating that the entire Sandy Hook ordeal was fake. His claim that no one died at Sandy Hook became the title of his book on the ordeal. Fetzer would take every opportunity to promote his position and even got a little cocky about the situation....

Screen capture from Kevin Barrett's Patreon page

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Let's Not Mince Words: Judyth Vary Baker Is A Liar


Gollum Goes To School
Judyth Vary Baker (aka Judyth Very Faker) continues to lie about things that can be easily verified. Judy has made a comfortable living lying about her past and the actions of others. She even admitted to waiting to come out with her fictional life story until certain people were dead, for fear of being sued. The reason for that is Judy doesn't limit her lies to her own life, no....she continually lies about the lives of others.

Here is Judyth's latest post describing her lie about how she enrolled at the University of Florida in 1962...