Sunday, October 30, 2016

Rivera Get's It Wrong (Again and again and ag...)

It's just like Raff* Sink to get his ass kicked and change the subject. Sad thing is his "lovelady's arrow" is the next to most pathetic "discovery" in the JFK world, second only to Richard Hooke's Danny Arce and his Johnny Seven toy walkie-talkies.

OIC wing nut Larry Rivera is almost as bad when he quotes Weisberg and they both end up wrong...

From Raff*'s blog
Oh, how easy they screw up. See, this is a perfect example of how disinfo artists conduct themselves.

Lovelady clearly testified before the Commission that he was standing where the man was standing in Altgens.

Lovelady is right where he said he was....

From Raff*'s blog

You can see from Raff*'s photo above, that they only arrow he found was pointing directly to Lovelady and wasn't across his forearm.

Larry will be here soon to get the "facts". He just won't tell Raff* about it.....

They KNOW the REAL deal

Where do Senior Members of the OIC go for the facts?

They Run To F.A.R.T.

And they like what they see....

Sucks to be you Raff*.....

Message for Raff*...

Frank saw the likes of you years ago...........

Enjoy you  freakin' asshat.....

Raff* Sink...the three pump chump

Raff* is nothing more than the proverbial three pump chump. You know the a lot of shit and then when it comes time to perform, 3 pumps and done.

Pump One...

Doorway man. Raff* insisted that he had the smoking gun when he announced that because of his expertise, he and only he, could determine that Lee Oswald was actually Billy Lovelady.

In reality we found that Raff* had nothing. No evidence, no sense and no game. The truth finally hit Raff* when he was busted recently for saying that Oswald's shirt had an almost plaid appearance after denying for years that he himself admitted that Lovelady was wearing a plaid shirt.

Pump Two....

Mary Moorman's photo was taken by someone else. Raff* got his ass handed to him quickly on this one. Photos were produced by myself and others to show that Moorman's photo was legit and and impossible to have been taken anywhere else except Moorman's position.

Pump Three...

Ruby didn't shoot Oswald, Bookhout did. Raff*'s best work. Weeks and weeks of bloviations only to be shown as bullshit by Raff* himself.

Reduced to internet troll.....shame.

It's Game Over Asshat

Raff* Sink has ended the controversy himself...

FBI Agent Bookhout was not shorter than Jack Ruby. FBI Agent Bookhout was not shorter than Lee Oswald. Raff* Sink has failed to prove that FBI Agent Bookhout shot Lee Oswald. Raff* Sink has failed to prove than anyone other than Jack Ruby shot Lee Oswald.


Game over asshole.....

Raff*'s Wizard Is A Washout

Oh he tries so hard...but fails.

Raff* has put his faith in his "mystery" helper but the Wizard washes out as seen below...

From Raff*s blog

Actually, he figured out a way to get an approximate height of Jack Ruby but screwed it up from start.

Below, Raff*'s photos  are above each other. Make note of the following:
1. 2 of W's photos were not showing the subject as vertical. The camera was not level, causing things like door frames to be leaning. I adjusted them to make door frames straight up and down.
2. His lines drawn to show relative height of objects, are not horizontal.
3. Raff*'s estimation of relative height is wrong.

Raff*'s photo
Raff*'s photo

Now let's put them together.....

In photo 1, you can clearly see that Raff*'s line is drawn not at the top of the panel but below. The actual top of the panel is above the tip of Boyd's nose.

In photo 2, Raff*'s line is curving down which gives the false impression that it falls lower on Oswald's face.

In photo 3, you can clearly see that Jack Ruby's head is above the line of the panel. (This photo was taken with the camera held looking down on the subjects so the top of Ruby's head would actually be higher when compared to the panel).

Considering the above, that would make Ruby's head a couple of inches taller than the tip of Boyd's nose, which would put his height an inch or so lower than Oswald's.

Oswald was 5' 9" according to Raff, Ruby was 5'8" according to Raff*.

From Raff*'s blog

Keep in mind that Raff* got confirmation that Bookhout was at a minimum, 6 feet tall.

From Raff*'s blog

You fail again Raff*.  You have debunked yourself yet again. Your entire "Bookhout was short and therefore the shooter of Oswald" meme just went down in flames.

By the way, your W's efforts turned to crap just like the original Dubya.....

Now, a few final words on camera perspective.

In Raff*'s photo below, the camera was shooting up at the subjects. Look at the disparity in heights of Boyd and Oswald. This distortion is caused by the lens on the camera..

Raff*'s photo

Now look at the photo below.

From The Texas History Portal

Boyd and Oswald are damn near the same height.

Which photo would you put your faith in...Raff*'s?

Saturday, October 29, 2016

One Omission ...

Professor James Norwood just reminded me that Judyth Very Faker*'s publisher is non other than Oswald Incompetent Clown Senior Member Robert Millegan...

There he is right next to Gary King.

Here are fellow OIC Senior Members Jim Fetzer, Gary King and Larry Rivera laughing at photos of Raff* on F.A.R.T.

And we all know what "Bob" thinks of Raff*...

Raff* is a plague in his own realm.....

AS SEEN ON THE NEW JFK SHOW: Raff* Gets Punk'D (again)

Those rascals over at Gary King's New JFK Show just punk'd their buddy again. I'm sure there was relentless pressure by Raff* to get his latest sculpture de manure on the air. So much so, he's become a semi-regular with Fetzer, Fox, Rivera and King.

Notice Fetzer in the upper right going apesh*t over the definition of Fetzering

Raff* Sink was allowed the latter half of Episode #122 to expound further on his "FBI Agent Bookhout and not Jack Ruby shot Lee Oswald" meme.

Let's keep in mind that Raff*'s entire Bookhout 'they'ory is based on the following:

The mysterious "they", organized the assassination of the only suspect in the murder of JFK, by FBI Agent Bookhout, in front of scores of witnesses (some who recognized Jack Ruby as the shooter), in front of live feed TV cameras, and dozens of cops. The mysterious "they", then were able to keep the entire world silent over this event until some Russian contrived the thought that Jack Ruby wasn't Jack Ruby. Raff* Sink then ripped off the Russian's idea and suddenly determined that Jack Ruby wasn't Jack Ruby because the guy everyone identified as Jack Ruby was shorter than Jack Ruby, even though when shooting Oswald, Jack Ruby was described (and filmed) as being in a half crouched position.

From Raff*'s blog
More of Raff*'s proof that Jack Ruby was shorter than Jack Ruby....

Now, up to this point, Raff* has been scouring the internet to try to find someone that was shorter than Jack Ruby  on whom he could pin the blame. Raff* settled on James Bookhout. And this is the only reason why....

From Raff*'s blog
FBI Agent Hosty described exactly why Bookhout was standing on a pedestal in a doorway. So he would stand out above the crowd. He was trying to get Hosty's attention by waiving, and then started shouting at people to get out of the way, to let Hosty through the crowd. Bookhout wanted to waste no time in getting into the interview taking place in Fritz's inner office.

Raff* has determined, without any corroborating evidence, statements or photographs; that Bookhout was short and couldn't see above the crowd. Maybe the fact that Raff* is only 5' 6" explains his reasoning.

(Editor's note: Raff*'s repeated claims across the internet that Bookhout was short have recently taken a serious debunking at Raff*'s own hand, as we shall see in a moment.)

Raff* has been adamant in his claims about Bookhout...

The "they" in the above case are a couple of internet posters. I can't recall ever coming across anyone, anywhere in the JFK world, that questioned Bookhout's height, until Raff* came along.

Regardless....We are now at the point in the narrative where Raff* appears on Gary King's circle de jerk and Gary sets him up. After Raff* has droned on and on and Fetzer has told him repeatedly "We get it, we get it", Gary plasters F.A.R.T. across the screen.

Gary then brings up Prof. James Norwood, and his critique of Raff* and Fetzer's claim that Ruby didn't shoot Oswald. Raff* goes into bloviation mode and while doing so, Gary starts scrolling the screen shot of F.A.R.T., and we see some interesting things...

Notice the somber faces on their mugs when the above rolled across Gary's screen. Fellow OIC Senior Member and business partner of Raff* Sink is dead under mysterious circumstances and not a word from any of them...

Stephen H. Requa bit the bumper on a tandem trailer truck and not one fucking word. (And we'll see why in a bit)

We also see this...

At the end of the show, Gary King announced that they would take any debaters thus baiting debaters because The New JFK Show has the master-baiters of JFK research. I find it strange that they bait debaters yet can't take the time to refute one thing on this blog, in the comment section of this blog...not once, not ever.

But before we recap the situation to this point, I must mention that Jim Fetzer announced that he was going to post a rebuttal of Raff* by none other than his gal pal, Judyth Very Faker*....he also announced that next week we'll hear from Raff* on Judyth. 

Fetzer had Judyth Very Faker*'s rebuttal the entire time he was letting Raff* go on and on until "we all get it".

So let's recap....

Raff* Sink ripped off an idea by some Russian that someone other than Jack Ruby shot Lee Oswald. Raff* decided that the person had to be shorter than Ruby. He then decided somehow that the only person that could pull it off was a midget FBI Agent. He then settled on James Bookhout because of a passage in a book by FBI Agent Hosty and severe mental deficiency.

Raff* gets his story on the New JFK Show and when it's just about to end, Jim Fetzer pulls the rug out from under Raff* and announces that Raff*'s nemesis, Judyth will have her say.

F.A.R.T. Announces the following programming...(with apologies to the Blaze)

Upon the frozen tundra of the human mind,
Two individuals of infinitesimal intellect will collide in a cloud of glory...

Mental gladiators capable of turning a minor mental incline into an insurmountable summit...

Dolt versus Dimwit
Dunce versus Dolt
Moron versus Moron

in an epic battle of nitwits....


Over then next day or two, we see this on Jim Fetzer's blog...

Judyth Very Faker is the Queen of the Weaver Clan, a group of individuals that can only discuss the JFK assassination in terms woven around a false narrative, woven carefully over time. Judyth has managed to convince Jim Fetzer that she was Ozzy's girlfriend and yet, the entire world knew nothing of her existence until the 1990's when Judyth started interpreting her historical tapestry for the skeptics. We'll overlook the fact that until this very day, researchers have caught Judyth in lie after lie, forcing Judyth to rip out several threads and reweave her life story.

Judyth Very Faker was a Senior Member of the OIC until Raff* threw a tantrum and she was ejected.

Judyth takes Raff*'s 'they'ory apart photo by photo.

I must mention that Judyth Very Faker is as blind as a bat. She's so blind that she can't see that her photos haven't loaded on the very page where she claims her opinion, is all based on pictures.

But we don't need her photos because we know full well that Raff* will post them for us...

What's so comical about Raff*'s post is that he made the exact same claim in his first article on the subject.

Joe Backes proved Raff* was full of crap and now Raff* passes himself off as an expert.

To this day, neither Raff* Sink or Judyth Very Faker, can produce a photo positively identifying James Bookhout as an adult.

But this doesn't keep Judyth from creating a part 2 to her debunking of Raff*...

We're still waiting for photos to's been 3 days...

Judyth finishes with this....

And there's Prof. James Norwood's post asking Jim to explain how he sits on the fence. One side is nothing but bull shit, the other, horse shit...Fetzer's gonna get one of 'em on his boots and we've already placed our bet on which.....

We can't wait to hear Raff*'s rebuttal to Judyth Very Faker*....

Now, in the course of Raff* getting pissed off at Judyth for dare questioning his 'they'ory, he made a ridiculous statement on Facecrook in response to a comment made by our friend Lance Uppercut. Raff* was trying to dismiss Judyth's position in the JFK world by claiming that her publisher was going to dump her. Lance called bullshit and took it straight to Judyth Very Faker*'s publisher...

Calling All Angels was written by Raff*'s dead business partner, Stephen H. Requa, And we find that Requa wasn't happy with Raff*. No wonder Raff* refuses to acknowledge Requa's death.
A whole new can-o-worms just opened up for Raff*. Let's see if his paranoid fantasies get the best of him.

In the meantime....let's go back to that Bookhout thing.

Raff* took it upon himself to try to prove his 'they'ory was legit. He found a contact that he hoped would provide corroboration of this...

Amazing what fiction can be wrought from the mind of Raff*...

That aside, Raff* found an old co-worker of FBI Agent Bookhout and started emailing him...

Most probably, he replied to an email sent by Raff*...

James Bookhout was 6 feet in height or taller.

But this didn't satisfy Raff*. Keep in mind that this is an email exchange. Raff* makes it sound like a conversation but it's not. Raff* copped an attitude with a retired FBI Agent and stepped on his dick...again...

Why don't you post the full email chain Raff*? 

Never mind, we pretty much know how it went.

This saga is far from over.............

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Raff* Retorts !

Raff* Sink is one addled brained old man.

If you scroll down this page, you will see the post below this is an excellent observation by Professor James Norwood on the research abilities of Raff* Sink and Jim Fetzer (hereafter called Raffetzer*).

Professor Norwood pointed out how a claim by Raffetzer* was so easily refuted by facts....those pesky things ignored by so many that play in the sandbox known as Raff*'s world.

Raff* then spent half the night composing a long winded reply to Prof. Norwood. In it, we find this gem...

You have to be one incompetent asshat to think that there was only one reporter in that garage that recognized Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby's world was the beat for several of the reporters assembled.  The out of town Producer for NBC even knew Ruby.

Had Raff* taken a few seconds to do an internet search, he would have found this...

Coordinating NBC’s coverage from a mobile unit in Dealey Plaza was Fred Rheinstein.
Rheinstein, an NBC producer and director, flew in from California the day after Kennedy’s assassination to help facilitate coverage. His crew, made up of Californians like himself and Fort Worth affiliates, were unfamiliar with Dallas.
Fortunately, they were approached by Ruby, who seemed to know everyone in town, and was more than happy to help the crew, Rheinstein said.
“Ruby was not above enjoying his celebrity,” Rheinstein said Saturday. 

There's another gentleman that's easy to find on the net....Hugh Aynesworth.

At 11:30 a.m. on November 22, 1963, Hugh Aynesworth was sitting next to Jack Ruby in the Dallas Morning News cafeteria. Ruby finished his meal and went upstairs to the advertising office to place an ad for his club. Aynesworth remembers thinking, “There goes that son of a bitch Ruby, trying to get his name in the paper again.” Since there was no pressing story on his aviation and space beat that day, Aynesworth decided to take a long lunch hour and watch the President’s parade through Dallas....

... Two days later Aynesworth’s wife suggested they go down to the police station to watch Oswald moved to the county jail. Aynesworth, who had been working night and day trying to piece together Oswald’s escape route, at first didn’t want to go. He was tired; there was no time for idle sight-seeing. His wife, however, prevailed, and both were in the basement when Jack Ruby lunged forward and fired that one shot into Oswald’s stomach.

 Within seconds, it was possible to find multiple examples. Which proves Prof. Norwood to be spot on with his description of the methods employed by Raffetzer*.

Prof. Norwood described exactly how Raff* would react to being challenged.

Raffetzer*....another effort of the Weaver Clan to rewrite history to fit their deluded claims.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

From The Professor's Perspective

The following article was presented to me, by Professor James Norwood, for consideration.

Editor's note: Professor James Norwood is the former Chairman of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. Professor Norwood left the OIC when he reached a point where he could not continue to promote the rantings of OIC Founder, Raff* Sink. 
Professor Norwood has submitted prior articles, that were posted by me, where he explained that as a group dedicated to the pursuit of Oswald's Innocence, there were far more compelling, evidence based arguments to make towards that goal.

Professor Norwood and I do not agree on everything, but I have always agreed to post his point of view. He offers a rational approach to the pursuit of finding the truth and I respect his efforts. Now to the article...

Cinque and Fetzer Believe Ruby Did Not Shoot Oswald!   What Next?

By James Norwood

 The October 24, 2016 article “Believe it or not, Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by an FBI agent impersonating Jack Ruby” by Ralph Cinque and Jim Fetzer presents a far-fetched, implausible, and unsubstantiated theory that is virtually comical in its implications. [1]

The authors are relying exclusively on photographic evidence for their conclusion that James Bookhout, and not Jack Ruby, shot Oswald. But it becomes readily apparent that Cinque and Fetzer have not even studied all the films of the shooting of Oswald on November 24, 1963! The authors write that “all the images of the shooter are from the side or from the back,” [2] a statement that is categorically false.

Photographer Jim Davidson captured the killing from the position of Oswald facing the crowd. In other words, Davidson’s camera was pointed directly at Jack Ruby’s face during the shooting. In Davidson’s film, there appears a small image of the face of the shooter stepping forward and pulling the trigger.   Davidson described his filming on local television later in the day:        

 The film footage of Ruby’s face, as captured by Davidson, may be seen in a Discovery Channel program entitled JFK: The Ruby Connection, with the image of Ruby’s face appearing at 38:46 into the program.

In The Ruby Connection, the commentator, Gary Mack, dramatically proclaims that “Now, for the first time, we shall look into the face of one of the most infamous killers in history.” [3]

Cinque and Fetzer will undoubtedly argue that the face in the Davidson film is blurry and difficult to identify definitively as Jack Ruby. Their stock-in-trade is to select those fragments of information that support their wild theories and ignore or seek to discredit all other evidence. When all else fails, they proceed to their trademark bullying tactics with those who present contrary views.

The footage of Davidson reveals the shortcomings of how Cinque and Fetzer cook up their wild ideas, hurriedly prepare a collaborative article, and publish it on the internet without having done their homework.  Along with their untenable Altgens6 photo alteration theory, here is yet another instance where their research is enormously sloppy, as we do have footage that captures the face of Oswald’s shooter. [4] 

 But even more troubling in the writing of Fetzer and Cinque is their casual attempt to draw conclusions based solely on photographic and film evidence with no attempt to corroborate their opinions with other types of evidence. Astonishingly, they completely ignore the eyewitnesses who unambiguously identified Jack Ruby in the basement of the police headquarters.

For the diligent student of the JFK assassination, it is clear that Ruby had been stalking Oswald throughout the assassination weekend, as documented in his multiple appearances in the halls and rooms of the police facility.  He was so familiar to the press and the police that there was no confusion whatsoever in identifying him as the killer based on accounts among the one hundred police officers and newsmen present in the garage basement on November 24, 1963. [5]

Successful historians do their work not by relying exclusively on visual evidence.  Historical truth is derived from studying complementary components of visual, aural, forensic, and written evidence. Eyewitness testimony is especially critical in any controversial historical incident. With the high profile nature of the JFK assassination and the killing of Oswald, there is no doubt that Jack Ruby was the shooter in the basement on November 24, 1963, based especially on the eyewitness testimony.

 There are many unresolved issues about the JFK assassination, but the identity of Jack Ruby as the shooter of Oswald is not one of them. The preposterous and unpersuasive article of Cinque and Fetzer does more harm than good in seeking to promote the innocence of Lee Harvey Oswald.  This is yet another example of two social networking addicts engaged in grandstanding and attention-grabbing by providing misdirection in such ludicrous topics as this one.  First, the unconvincing, amateurish Oswald-in-the-doorway theory, which also conveniently ignored eyewitness accounts of Billy Lovelady’s position in the doorway, has only attracted a fringe element on the internet.  Now, the Bookhout-Ruby scenario is another perversion of scholarly research and critical thinking. This is clearly a non-issue, which will never get beyond facebook in raising awareness about a seminal event in our history, the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

 Notes & Sources




[4] The photographic evidence of Jim Davidson’s film is summarized as follows:


Box 10:  Item 1; Film, by Jim Davidson.  (Exhibit 24-A.)  A 16 mm filmstrip by WFAA-TV and ABC-TV photographer Jim Davidson  (a free lance photographer used by ABC), first generation print, 15-20 minutes, containing the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald beginning with exiting the elevator, moving through the hallway and the shots being fired.  The remainder of the film consists of shots of the Carousel Club, scenes at Parkland Hospital and scenes of the news correspondent interviewing various police and media personnel in the basement of City Hall after the shooting.  The current condition of the film is dry, brittle with some shrinkage due to age.  This film is unique because it is shot from behind Lee Harvey Oswald, an angle which is not generally shown.  There is a clear shot of Jack Ruby's face as he is approaching and firing at Oswald in 8 frames (frames numbers 3 and 4 are the clearest).  Other copies of this film may exist on tape at channel 8.  The original of this exact film may no longer exist, (Filmstrip), 11/24/63.  10  01  001 (

[5] James Turner of WBAP-TV (Fort Worth) even testified to the Warren Commission that he observed Ruby on the Main Street ramp approximately thirty seconds prior to the shooting. (WR, 221). Numerous police officers subdued the shooter and identified him as Ruby.  To demonstrate their thesis, Cinque and Fetzer would need to demonstrate how and why all of these individuals perjured themselves in their testimony. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Raff* Sink Business Partner Dead

OIC Senior Member Stephen Herrick Requa
Raff* Sink business partner, Stephen Requa is dead. One big question is, why has it been covered up until 4 days ago?

Rumors have been circulating since September but nothing on the web or in the press until 4 days ago, when the U.K. Evening Standard posted the news.

Rumor also has it that various members of the OIC were fighting over their level of input into company decisions based on their level of stock ownership.

Why the silence Raff? Does your new super-sleuth member Michael  'kiddie porn' Shrimpton have anything to do with this?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Raff* Sink Hits The Trifecta !

Raff* Sink has plenty of reason to be proud. He's in the big leagues! He's a full fledged disinfo agent with credentials!

Doesn't he look cute in his weener winner T? It's taken Raff* several years of shillin' and a whole lotta' snake squeezins to get to where he is today. Let's look at Raff*'s achievements...

Raff* wrote an article for his blog and then shoved a copy in the box of every email addy he had. Well one of his fellow Oswald's Incompetent Clowns happen to write for Veterans Today. The #1 disinfo site on the net. Fellow Incompetent Clown Gordon Duff has publicly announced that 80% of what you read on VT is pure unadulterated bullshit and he should know because he then tells you that he's the source for 100% of the bullshit.

Incompetent Clown Ian Greenhalgh, decided to fuck off a writing assignment and just cut and pasted Raff*'s article. Apparently, Ian doesn't have much of a clue when it comes to JFK because he ran the article without checking and finding out that it's complete bunk.
That's right, VT ran a completely bogus story...shocker I KNOW!


Raff*'s crap got picked up by another blog. Raff was so proud he posted this....

One blog does not make "widely on the net" but I won't dull Raff*'s sparkle...


What Raff* doesn't show you in his celebratory crop is this...

A Jewish American, that's American Jew, revealing life in Palestine.....

Palestine was an non-delineated region on a map of the Romans. At the time Palestine was Palestine, it was occupied by the Romans. So much for historical accuracy on the part of the ironically named FlippinTruth Blog.

Raff* hit first place in the first race with his article on VT being regurgitated on a site that dedicates itself to pointing out fantastical accusations against Da Jooooooooos.....

Placement of your article on a Jooooooo bashing site is the crown jewel of tin foil haberdashery.

In second place, in the first race, comes Raff*'s next announcement.....

Did you get that...?

"with all the correct images"....

The reason Raff is excited is because he found out his original article was complete bullshit. He misidentified the main subject of his story. The entire story was wrong.

With the above announcement, Raff* achieved 2/3 of a hat trick by having his second totally inaccurate article reaching Mother Russia.....home in the heart to every wanna-be superspy in Oswald pajamas. Any disinfo troll worth his weight in Spam, owes their ability to publish absolute falsehoods to the old U.S.S.R. and it's various propaganda mills located throughout those countries East of the Iron Curtain. Raff* hit a web site that claims to use alternative sources for Russian news and yet every other story is from TASS or Pravda or RT. Veterans Today has been teamed up with RT for years now. 

And now, Raff*'s third place, in the first race.....

 The #1 bullshit JFK story on the #1 disinfo site on the that.

Trifecta achieved.