Friday, September 25, 2015

Potty Mouth Raff*

Raff* Sink...Government Troll


Oh Dear !!!! Um, Raff* before you make a bigger fool out of yourself....that's a Troll Doll.

This is a Cabbage Patch Doll...


Isn't It Strange...

That when you ignore his ass, he starts flooding his blog with the most inane bullshit....

Raff* Sink...Government Troll

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Focus Raff* !

Happy for ya Raff*, now where's Wim?

Wrong again Raff*. I don't live a life of secrecy. I go about my business in the great wide open. You're just pissed that you can't call my boss like you did with Backes. Sorry, but I choose not to be part of your psychopathic fantasies.

Now...where's Wim? You remember Wim Don't you? I mean, you went all out to make this announcement...

Did Judyth Very Faker set him straight Raff*? Did she convince him that you're nothing but a lying little asshat that wishes so badly to be recognized as a great JFK researcher like she is?

Tell us Raff*, we're dying to know what took place in that conversation.......

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Dirt Clod Is Smarter Than Raff* Sink

Ralph Cinque...Government Disinfo Shill.....Shouldn't we demand more for our tax dollars?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

50 Reasons

That Prove Raff* Sink Is A Disinfo Troll On Watch


1. Ozzy in the doorway. Wrong
2. Roy Lewis in Altgens 6. Wrong
3. Buell Frazier next to Maddie Reese in Wiegman, Wrong
4. Elbow man in Altgens 6. Wrong
5. Blackhole man in Altgens 6 is Lovelady. Wrong
6. 2 Doormen in Wiegman. Wrong
7. Altered hairline. Wrong
8. Shirt is not plaid. Wrong
9. Arrest shirt at work. Wrong
10. Jack Ruby in Altgens 6. Wrong
11. Woman and child in Altgens 6. Wrong
12. Woman and child in Towner. Wrong
13. 2nd fedora man in Altgens 6/Towner. Wrong
14. Maddie Reese in Wiegman. Wrong
15. Woman and child in King photos. Wrong
16. Laser columns. Wrong
17. Leaving immediately for the R/R tracks. Wrong
18. Bus transfer expiration. Wrong
19. Floor covering project. Wrong
20. Rifle fibers. Wrong
21. Clint Hill on different vehicle. Wrong
22. Moorman photo. Wrong
23. Babushka Lady. Wrong
24. Out front with Bill Shelley. Wrong
25. Can't capture a right hand from the left side. Majorly Wrong (couldn't BE more wrong motherfucker)
26. Head has to lean with shoulders. Wrong
27. One arm across torso. Wrong
28. Trees in Bell. Wrong
29. Lovelady's shirt unbuttoned. Wrong
30. George Hickey. Wrong
31. Danny Arce and his walkie-talkie. Wrong
32. Fake Ozzy's mama. Wrong
33. Mark Lane duped by fake Ozzy's mama. Wrong
34.  Jackie's fake arm. Wrong
35. JFK jacket riding up. Wrong
36. Lovelady red & white striped shirt. Wrong.
37. Shelley and Lovelady in Couch.
38. No perfect V shadows. Wrong
39.Lovelady's arrow. Wrong
40. Lovelady in DPD footage. Wrong
41. Altgen's timeline. Wrong
42. JFK statue in Ft. Worth. Wrong
43. G.H.W. Bush in front of the TSBD. Wrong
44. Ozzy off work at 11:45 for lunch. Wrong.
45.  DeLoach memo. Wrong
46. Signs in Hughes. Wrong
47. Harvey and Lee. Wrong
48. The manifesting T-shirt. Wrong
49. The OIC is relevant. Wrong
50. Bpete is anyone except Bpete.

Let's throw on top of that the following:

Busted for not being a licensed Doctor.
Busted for sending Czech emails.
Busted for impersonating others online
Busted for your claims concerning Judyth Very Faker, Jim Fetzer, James Norwood.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Blatant Fetzering

Raff*, the self-professed government op, fetzers hard....

No reaction from Clint and the others?

Raff* Calls Vince Palamara A Liar

So? What's your point Raff*?

Palamara says this is Hickey as well.....

Seems ol' Hickey's sportin' a pretty wide cabeza there Raff*.And when you consider the photo you used above is distorted, seems like the same guy to everybody but you. We're used to that....

Your watch? You have an assigned post Raff*?

Let's use a little cinque-think to anal-ize that cinque-speak.........

Watch means an assigned post as a guard. Who you guardin' for Raff*? Is your watch an assigned area of research or an assigned group of people? Who has assigned you the duty to call people like Vince Palamara and Mary Moorman liars?

No one would say they were on "watch" unless they were on an assigned post. No one. 
In addition, the word "watch" denotes a structured system such as maritime duty or the military. Raff*, you're just a butt-hole in Buda and there ain't no shippin' there, Skippy. 

What branch of the military is paying you Raff*?

We have finally found out the source for all of Raff*'s bullshit blogs.....he's on "watch".

Smart Feller Update!

I never said there was a Secret Service Agent riding on the back of the Queen Mary. I said it was a Secret service Agent riding IN the back of the Queen Mary. No wonder you get so much stuff wrong. You can't read.

No, I'm saying he was riding in the back of this car....

There he is right there Raff*.

Why don't you get that big, fancy schmancy copy of Altgens that you said you bought, out and have a look Raff*. Oh, and if he was looking at the doorway, he sure as hell wasn't looking at Oswald.

If you look closely at the photo above, you'll see he has a big head.

We know Raff*. You didn't know until you pulled a Google search. Otherwise, you wouldn't have questioned an agent in the rear of the Queen Mary.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Those OIC'ers Are Some Smart Fellers

Yes Raff*. It's a Secret Service Agent.

You're an idiot Raff*.

Pat Shannan is an idiot too. The OIC Senior Members have another Senior Moment.

It's a Secret Service agent in the back of the Queen Mary.

I thought you said you bought a big, fancy schmancy copy of Altgens Raff*?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Raff* the Fantasist

Robin Unger posted a response to Richard Charnin on his blog...

Raff* saw a photo that Robin posted that gave Raff* a reason to post the following narrative...

Oswald had split according to Raff*. Raff* is claiming that in less than a second of time, Oswald left and walked through the group of people behind him on the steps and entered the TSBD.

One huge problem though....the guy who isn't in the circle....

For over two years, Raff* identified the guy in the circle as Roy Lewis. He went on and on about Roy Lewis in various threads. The man turned out to be Carl Jones as seen here in this post...

After that blog post, Raff* didn't mention Roy Lewis very much. There's good reason as to why...

If Ozzy was located where we see Billy Lovelady in Wiegman, he would have had to re-enter the building right in front of Roy Lewis. And Roy Lewis clearly stated that he didn't see Oswald at that time...

 Lewis clearly states that he heard 3 shots fired from above him. Ozzy would have had to have left the steps between shots. Lewis states that Ozzy wasn't with him at the time he heard the shots.

He only saw Ozzy at 10 a.m.

Bullshit...Wiegman turned in the direction of the three shots heard by Lewis.

Everything maintained by Raff* depends on fiction not fact......

Saturday, September 12, 2015

No Raff*....Lance is not trying anything. He says the camera wasn't level. You don't have to try to claim something when you claim it. Unfortunately for your claim...he's correct.

That's the problem Raff*, it looks level to you. It's not. Looking at the camera, the right end is being held higher than the left end.

No it doesn't.

But now it does....

Friday, September 11, 2015

A Match Made In Heaven

Some background info.....

"DanKbaar's ongoing defamation and stalking of persons".....sounds a little like our boy Raff*.

Calling the employers of people that make Raff* look like the fool he is. Sending mass emails to Vet groups, searching for any information on a blogger so he can then harass that person.

That's our boy Raff*

This has to be the lamest...

Raff*'s attempt at cut & paste humor....

That's pathetic Raff*.

You need to work on your skilz...

Proboscis Pinnochios Cinque

Raff* the bottom feeder.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apparently There Was Some Earth Shattering Occurrence Somewhere

Ralph seems to think this is it........

Who the fuck is St. John Hunt? Oh wait....isn't that E. Howard's son, the guy whose own step-mom said he manipulated his feeble old man to get him to say what he wanted. That St. John Hunt?

No one gives a fuck Ralph. It's just another individual in the OIC that can she no light, what so ever, on the events in November of 1963.

Oh by the way, thanks again for doing such a bang up job on the Moorman thing!