Sunday, May 22, 2016

Correction: This MoFo is Batshit Crazy

Remember Ed?

Well I did a little checking and Ed's a popular guy....

Ed claims that Lee Harvey Oswald is really Jim Reeves...

I shit you not......

He's like Raff* Sink, Jim Fetzer, Larry Rivera and Richard Hooke all rolled into one.


  1. Thanks, B !! First time I saw this site. Jabba is featured prominently on #668, 8/18/13. I suggested Raff* & Judy be included as well.

    LOL !!!!!

  2. Been following Dallas Goldbug online since the late 90s when Chiarini was claiming he made a clay bust of JFKs head for Groden . When I got on Facebook in 2009 I wrote Groden and asked him about that but he never replied . Goldbugs links were attached to the warehouse of Robert Morrow links early on back in 2001 . Not the links he currently emails but the original links that have been revived over the years . They all came out of the same prep school .

  3. it does not matter you did not take the time to look at Ed Chiarinis work for i assume you don't care about nassty stuff being fed to you. if you are a 99%er i assume one day you will have to look at the nasty stuff Ed Chiarini investigates.