Thursday, November 5, 2015

Idle Threats

Note to limp dick.....there is no one named Brian Petersen, connected in any way, with this blog.

Now...put up or shut up. It's just that simple.


  1. Raff* is a fish without an ocean, but I hear Buda got drenched and the bok choy harvest was ruined. As Yoda would say, "What a toad Raff* is."

    Thanks, B. He is nearing the end of his stupidity, and without an intervention, down the drain go he will. +

  2. This world of pain was putting a pic up of Jim Garrison on the OIC home page? Woo. The zombies Jack White and Garrison will rise from their graves and attack as part of Stinkay's Army of the dead. Will Oswald rise for Raff or Judy. If she had her way she'd probably have his skeleton in a chair, Norman Bates style.

  3. That would be the only way she could jump his bones!