Sunday, June 4, 2017

Raff* and his amazing photo skills

Raff* Sink is still trying to push his scruffy neck meme as evidence that Jack Ruby isn't Jack Ruby...

You most certainly can attribute it to lighting and photography Raff*. Here's the proof....

That's Ruby's mugshot from the day he shot Oswald. No scruffy neck as you call it.

When you use crappy photos, you end up with crappy analysis. But then again, we're used to your crappy assessments.

Your "clean razored neck" versus a "scruffy neck" is crap. Your skills are crap and your opinions are crap.

Crap Raff*. That's all you got.

1 comment:

  1. His diseased mind grows fouler every day.

    Raff* needs to study how old videotape from that period in time can distort from frame to frame. No, wait………. he doesn't study. He can't. He's a friggin' retard who gives real 'tards a bad name. Now go swallow some more Dran-o, Ralph.