Monday, September 18, 2017

Raff* Wants To Play Where's Bookhout

Raff* Sink, Founder and Senior Member of Oswald's Incompetent Clowns has been having a senior moment for about a year now, where he has insisted, based only on his delusional thoughts, that FBI Agent James Bookhout actually shot Lee Harvey Oswald and not Jack Ruby.

Raff* thought he was safe in his delusion because no one has been able to produce a picture of Bookhout beyond his college years. He even went so far as to harass a co-worker of Bookhout, after the co-worker told Raff* that Bookhout was no less than 6 feet in height. I'm sure a restraining order was threatened because Raff* tries to avoid the fact that he was told this.

Anyway, the other day, a photo of Bookhout surfaced from 1968 and from that photo, Bookhout was identified in a photo taken of the interior of the Homicide & Robbery Bureau of the Dallas Police Department. When the photo was made known to Raff*, he hit panic mode. He quickly tried to discount the photo and then ran to Jim Fetzer and demanded to go on his Video-cast to do damage control.

It only made things worse.

You can read the various reasons that Raff* discounts the photos of Bookhout here: He went for broke, ended up a joke

Now, Raff* has turned panic into desperation and has come up with the following...

Funny, but Raff* has that same cough that everyone else has when they refer to him as a Doctor. Now most sane people would read the caption and apply the names to the men from left to right. But not Raff*, he uses his Fritz's notes reading method to take things out of order to fit his agenda.

(Keep in mind here that the reason Raff* has to be so adamant about Bookhout not being in a photo is because the guy you see above is no less than 6 feet in height and Raff* has always maintained that Bookhout was shorter than Oswald and pudgy.)

Raff* walks us through his insanity....

Raff* knows everything about nothing so we'll take his word for it. He continues....

Raff* is trying to be clever, they did identify the men from left to right. He wants you to apply the names from right to left....

OK.....let's go with that for just a second. If the guy on the right is Crowder, then that means the guy on the left is Bookhout and is even taller than the short pudgy person that shot Oswald.

Raff* isn't very good at this sort of thing. Instead of admitting that he was wrong, and crazy, and an idiot, he tries to be clever and rewrite history. Yes, that photo is history. Bookhout attended a conference and the proof exposed Raff*'s lies.

So as a public service, we are going to help Raff* identify James Bookhout in the photo...

I hope this helps Raff* in the future because the world really doesn't need any more of this crap.....

No Raff*'re the son-of-a-bitch that knowingly did that.


  1. I wonder what will happen when Don Fox hears that Ralph Cinque wants people to start reading right to left?

  2. I do not believe that it has been a very good weekend for Doctor Cinque.

    But has anyone caught the irony in the photo above? In the display that is featured at the FBI conference, the main placard reads as follows:


    Those are apt words of advice for Doctor Cinque, whose stock-in-trade is not to "study" the face, but to capriciously use the faces from old photographs to distort the truth of history for his own narcissistic pleasure.

  3. Hello. Im Raff's understudy. Have you any advice for me please ?