Friday, June 12, 2020

Democrats Hate White Supremacy ( no)

So does that make them self-loathing or revisionists? Since they deny their history my guess would be the latter. 

  Just the other day....I had a former friend post a cute little video on their Facecrook page. I watched it and posted a reply that apparently was the equivalent of a David Duke editorial. It not only resulted in this woman getting severely pissed enough to block me on Facecrook but to then compare me to Grand KKKolosal KKKrud Senator Robert Byrd (Dem. WV) and also the current plague encompassing the globe.

I am the perfect example of how deep white supremacy goes....Think about that. Based on my comments (of which I will go into detail) I am a better example of white supremacy than say, Gov. George Wallace (Dem, Alabama), Theophilus E. "Bull" Connor, Commissioner of Public Safety for the City of Birmingham (Dem. Alabama), Sen. William J. Fulbright (Dem. Arkansas),  President Lyndon Johnson (Dem. Texas). I have to laugh when I think about that last individual who, as a member of the House of Representatives, was quoted as saying..."I have voted against the so-called poll tax repeal bill. … I have voted against the so-called anti-lynching bill." And as a Senator, said..."“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days, and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness.”

The great Democrat fear....uppity Negroes with the power of a voting block. Little did Lyndon know that Blacks have stayed on the Democrat plantation to this day. American Economist Walter Williams, (who happens to be Black) relays the above quotes and more in an editorial here:

Now, let's get to that cute little video that started it the arrow to play.

Now, my ex-friend on Facecrook blocked me before my response to her little temper tantrum was posted so I'll post my comments here as we go through this great example of revisionist history.

To begin,, the creator of the video, is a propaganda arm of

Here is their photo from their website and as you can count, they have the prerequisite 13% Black people in the photo (4 out of 31 = 12.9%)

 But on their See Our Team page, they only have 1 possibly 2 Blacks listed out of 20 people. Not good by Democrat standards. It would almost suggest white supremacy on their part. But know full well that all of the people involved are on the far left spectrum within the Democrat party. You know, The Bernie wing.
Democrats and the organizations that they pimp out for donations love to demand that certain percentages are maintained and either scream like hell or completely disregard percentages when they are either advantageous or disadvantageous to their cause du jour.  An example would be when they shout out that in 2019, 24% of people killed by Police were Black even though they only make up 13% of the population. What they never scream or even acknowledge is that "According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2018 there were 593,598 interracial violent victimizations (excluding homicide) between blacks and whites in the United States. Blacks committed 537,204 of those interracial felonies, or 90.4 percent, while whites committed 56,394 of them, or about 9.5 percent".
No Democrat has ever told you that...

OK...the video....

It starts with this picture and goes downhill from there....

A cute little Klansman with this narration..." If we want to eradicate white supremacy once and for all, first we need to understand the history and the psychology behind it. White supremacy can be traced back to a combination of two major turning points in human history, colonization and the scientific revolution. When Europeans started to colonize the world around the 16th century, they ruthlessly killed and enslaved every indigenous population they came across." (The video shows 3 dotted lines showing the routes from Spain and England to South and Central America and a  sailing ship cruising down the coast of Africa with little explosions and booming in the background.)"
"The indigenous tribes were no match against European weaponry and power. (A ship pulls into shore with Europeans in Crusader garb as canon balls fly toward the black natives on the beach). And the Europeans concluded that if these tribes were so easily conquered, it must be because they were somehow inferior in power and intelligence (Black Africans are being marched onto the ship in chains).

OK...time for a reality check.
The slave trade in Africa can be traced back to before the year 600. The trading of slaves was in practice for over 900 years before the 16th century when the Spanish and Brits cruised down the African coast. In fact, slavery could be considered one of the original FUBU products (For Us By Us). For those completely unaware of world history, slavery is as old as mankind. Slavery has been in existence since the first time two factions engaged in conflict. Slavery had been in practice in Native American tribes on this continent prior to the arrival of the British slave trade.
In fact, after the British had outlawed the trading of slaves in 1807, they later ventured back to Africa in 1824 to try to end it there and wound up getting their asses kicked by the Ashanti Tribe. For seven years, until 1831 when a peace deal was brokered, the Ashanti kept kicking Brit butt. So much for that White Supremacy claim about greater weapons and easy conquest.....

A description is found here: Encyclopedia of World Trade

The description of European colonization and slavery is totally off the mark. And that's important to remember in a few minutes.

The video continues....

This booming colonization happened to coincide with the European age of enlightenment, a time when European philosophers and thinkers were trying to explain the world through science instead of religion. One of the first things they tried to explain was this experience of superiority over other indigenous cultures (Image of a Crusader knight and several blacks in chains).
We're then told that the "enlightened" came up with the concept of "racial biology".

The video goes on to say that science eventually debunked the whole concept of racial biology but that doesn't mean the Democrats in years past, tossed it aside.
Now for the tying together of these two concepts....slavery and racial biology are the basis for modern day white supremacy.

Very important imagery in this video. Notice Hitler on the left. Did you know that Hitler's program of extermination of undesirable people (Gypsies, the mentally and physically handicapped, Poles, gay persons and the Jews) was partially based on the pseudo-science of Eugenics and a woman named Margaret Sanger ? Do you know the name Margaret Sanger? She was a Progressive Democrat that believed in the theory of racial biology, which at the time was called Eugenics. It was used by Progressives to push for the sterilization of less desirable people and promote abortion for the good of society. Ms. Sanger went on to found what we know as Planned Parenthood. The video doesn't tell you that.
Notice also that we have the Battle Flag of Confederate Virginia. The Rebel flag. That flag has become a symbol for all of the Confederate States of America...and slavery. The slavery that caused the Democrat party in the South to secede from the United States and start their own sovereign nation. One which required all member states to allow slavery. Democrats left this country and started their own to further slavery. The video doesn't tell you that either.

Next is the biggest affront to truth in the entire video.

"It's crazy to think that the KKK can be traced back to who happened to have the biggest weapons 500 years ago".

And the screen morphs to this...

The creation of the Klan has nothing to do with who had the bigger weapons 500 years ago. It was started by 4 Confederates after their loss in the Civil War. The Democrats are trying to shift blame for their own creation onto the backs of European colonists in the 1500's.

I enlarged this for one reason. Notice the asterisk next to the word Supremacy in the upper right? Well, it's hard to make out, but the asterisk refers to the note in the lower left that says Now with White House Allies. You know.....President Trump. The Democrats that made this video say nothing about Andrew Jackson, who forced the native Americans onto reservations. Jackson was a member of the Democratic-Republican Party which split in 1824 into the Democrat and Whig Parties. He continued politics as a Democrat. They don't mention James Polk and his decimation of Mexicans in his carrying out annexation of Western territories. James Polk was a Democrat. The video doesn't mention James Buchanon who is described by Alternet as a President who “colluded with the Supreme Court to eliminate territorial barriers to slavery, opened the door to the expansion of the ‘peculiar institution’ [of slavery], and ultimately set the stage for the Civil War.” James Buchanon was a Democrat.
 And there is certainly no mention of Woodrow Wilson.
According to an article at Cheat Sheet, written in 2018..."The Huffington Post also counts Woodrow Wilson among the most racist presidents. The Atlantic reports that “The Virginia native was racist, a trait largely overshadowed by his works as Princeton’s president, as New Jersey’s governor, and, most notably, as the 28th president of the United States.” As president, he oversaw segregation in federal offices. Wilson once even threw civil rights leader William Monroe Trotter out of the Oval Office. The Post notes that Wilson backed what he characterized as the “great Ku Klux Klan.” He also championed the Klan’s violent disenfranchisement of southern African-Americans.
Woodrow Wilson was  Progressive Democrat.

I refer to my comments on the original Facecrook post when I say that this is a most egregious example of a lie of omission.  The KKK was created by the Democrat Party. No ifs, ands or buts about it. The Klan is a Democrat creation for the purpose of domestic terrorism against Blacks and Republicans. That's a fact. Over the years, the Klan has dissolved and reappeared and probably never went completely away. And over the years, the Klan has set their targets on not just Blacks and their supporters, but Jews, Eastern Europeans, Gays, Catholics and just about everyone that isn't white, southern and Protestant. But that last group wasn't automatically safe from the Klan because in the 1920's to 1960's the Klan in some areas would go after anyone they thought was going against their proclaimed moral authority.

The video, people at and will NEVER tell you that. Ever....the gutless cunts.

What the video does do is go on to tell you lies about white people. It states that increasing minority populations are causing fear in white people. That a lot of white people fear diversity. That these fears coupled with a lack of community, purpose and identity will foster white supremacy. And here enters another lie by Democrats.....identity. As of this day, Democrats have stripped white people of their identity by making the claim that if your identity is white, you are the problem. You are the reason there is white supremacy. It's a clever trick used by leftists throughout the ages. Personalize your argument against your foe and then attack. If you're white, and you take pride in your identity, you are the most vile creature on this earth and other identities are given free range in attacking you and your whiteness.

The video goes on to offer solutions to the problem they created.

1. Own your privilege. Know that you didn't do a damn thing to be in this country or to have grown up in a stable home. You are privileged. You didn't suffer the home wrecking tactics of the Democrats and their war on the stable minority family in the 60's by forcing able bodied Black males out of the home so the Government could provide. Want to know the number one reason for the explosion of single parent minority households? Look to the Democrats and their social engineering policies. But don't you fucking dare take pride in being white. You remember that celebrating your identity is verboten in today's Leftist world.

2. Support organizations that help people after leaving hate groups. This one I'm all for. I will support anyone that leaves the Democrat Party which is one of the biggest hate groups in recorded history. I would suggest becoming a Conservative or even a Pastafarian so long as you leave the Leftist//Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Communist Democrats.

And remember.....according to the video, White Supremacists have to have violence. I would suggest leaving town the next time those Black Lives Matter/Antifa/Progressive/Occupy asshats decide to trash your community. They are only trying to intimidate you into following their identity politics game. They are vile racist organizations who refuse to own their history...and make you suffer for it.

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