Monday, July 6, 2020

She Be Blackwashed* Mon...(*Ms. Carnes' term not mine)

Rebecca's back...wait, now she's gone again....

Rebecca Carnes, who we last saw as Jim Fetzer's latest stooge made a brief reappearance on her blog and then suddenly disappeared again. But not before leaving a few gems on the GodLikeProductions website.

Rebecca posted 2 blogs before she went proof about Peter Manfredonia and his ties to Newtown, Ct.
The following are excerpts from her first blog which Jim Fetzer gladly re-posted on his site...

In her blog, Ms. Carnes tries to tie Manfredonia's actions to the Sandy Hook shootings carried out by Adam Lanza.

She goes on to tie family members together, remark that some of these family connections lived in the same area as Adam Lanza (which in a small town like Sandy Hook is not much of a surprise) and then goes on to rant about Newtown and Sandy Hook. She has been constantly making claims about people "in the know", "in the loop" and having knowledge of something sinister. Her problem is she repeats debunked claims and has come up with no proof of dastardly deeds on her own. You would think that as small as both Newtown and Sandy Hook are, she'd be able to find at least one person to give up some proof.

And then her paranoia rises to the surface with this gem...

Why in the hell do Sandy Hookers think that the CIA has any interest in their hair brained narratives?
I thought that pointing out how bat shit crazy this bitch is was aiming towards the good. It just goes to show you that quality blogging is never really appreciated by the mentally ill.

And for the record...I have waited 3 weeks after making 3 attempts to contact Rebecca Carnes before writing this latest installment.

Now, Jim Fetzer jumped at the opportunity to re-post her blog and I have to say thanks because in doing so, he provided the opportunity for comments at the end of the article. And this is where Rebecca Carnes' true colors come out...

You have to laugh...a guy that just lost a $450,000.00 defamation lawsuit for libeling/slandering someone else, claims that he's a truth, the whole truth and nothing but kind of guy.

The conversation continued...

The whole truth kind of guy just libeled Lenny Pozner again....

So I went to see for myself and sure enough....Rebecca Carnes throw Fetzer under the bus....

Here's what she wrote: "I don't agree with Fetzer about everything. And you are trying to cover your ignorance with this misdirect and claiming to know John Reed Jr. was a plant.

You are a shill, a low-ranking one at that. You'll probably get pulled from your assignment here for your awkward fumblings to redirect the discussion.

I believe Fetzer is controlled opposition. I didn't know that when I did my interviews with him and have since stopped. He is paid to blackwash people like me by association, and then shills like you do their best to highlight the deliberate blackwash by people like Fetzer.

I was an unwitting victim to this "tainted by association" tactic because I am new to life outside the matrix and how the real work works. Fetzer, I believe, is also told by his handlers to push false "truth" claims about SH, such as how Adam Lanza is a completely made up person. I believe Adam Lanza was a real person. To what extent or how he was used (unwittingly or wittingly) in the SH event, I don't know. Probably only a handful of people know the real, complete truth of SH. Operations like SH are pyramid-schemed and compartmentalized, as I am learning and as many of you already know. So people involved on the front lines might know the truth about one aspect of a false flag, but not another.

Rebecca thinks Fetzer is a controlled op... funny how the paranoid eat each other in the end.

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