Sunday, January 22, 2017


Judyth Very Faker appears to have a case of the vapors or sumthin'. This is the second part of an interview Judyth did with Conspiracy Cafe in October of 2014. My purpose of posting an article on this particular interview is to give an example of Judyth Very Faker's veracity.

At 34:05, Judyth is describing the shooting of her supposed boyfriend, Oswald...
" I saw it on television, I, I couldn't believe my eyes. They dressed him in a black sweater."

"There's a backyard photo of him you know, he's dressed in black and, shows a rifle (coughs) Excuse me (she places her hand on her chest and looks down) It shows him holding a rifle...
He said "They've pasted my picture...That's not me." I said, "I know". 

And then she changes the subject to Oswald being good at photography and that he developed all of his film.

Judyth Very Faker had a conversation with Ozzy, about a photograph that wasn't found until after he was in custody.

See for yourself....

This woman is detached from reality and should be treated as such....


  1. yet she keeps on ticking. most of her minions have invested too much of their time in her lies to ever let go of them. and her publisher helps her along. this is illegal. she'll be working with team trump soon, after roger stone recovers from the assassination attempt.

  2. He said "They've pasted my picture...That's not me." I said, "I know".

    You know as well as I do that they had a psychic connection. How dare you question that bond!

    Ferrie was gay so it was safe to send a female to work with him. So why was it safe to have Oswald work with her? Joe Reihl has a lot to answer for...

    And what ever happened to the REAL assistant sent to work with Ferrie on the clandestine side of the research that Judyth was mistaken for?