Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Granola Gospels...You'll know them by their fruits, nuts and flakes

This is the Oswald Innocence Campaign...

Under the leadership of OIC Chairman Larry Rivera, and the mentoring of former OIC Chairman and Senior Member Jim Fetzer, the OIC has cast off the yoke of Raff* and directed their combined efforts to get to the true story of JFK's demise...

it was Da Joooooooooos.

The rag tag scallywags above, got together on the latest edition of The New JFK Show to discuss the fact that Albert Goldberg, was one of Da Joooooooos....
Gary King...Teacher says that every time a bell rings, an oven door opens
Show host and OIC Senior member, Gary King starts off the festivities by incorporating Da Joooooo Bell which he attempts to ring, every time a panel members mentions Alfred Goldberg or Da Joooooooooos.

He quickly hands off the mic to OIC Chairman Larry Rivera, who begins to tell the story of how historian Alfred Goldberg was brought onto the Warren Commission after directions issued by LBJ. Larry quickly brings up the efforts of OIC Senior Member Don Fox, and his investigation of Da Jooooooos puppet mastery of the JFK assassination.

Just a quick bio of Da Jooooooo in question, Alfred Goldberg....

OIC Senior Member Don Fox explains how Crypto-Joooooo LBJ hooked up another Joooooooo with a pie job; the very purpose of which was to change recorded history for the masses, for ever. And it was all part of the plan....

Which plan you ask? Why, the plan for world domination by Da Jooooos !

That's right......that plan.

Don even provided his source.....(link)  Da Joooooooooos For Dummies 

This might be the stimulus that former OIC Senior Member and Director of Refrigerator Art, Dick Hooke needs to reapply for membership!


  1. Well, that does it !!!! I'm canceling my subscription to the Jerusalem Post. And I'm not eating bagels anymore. So there.

    How much further beyond insane can this get? Dirty Word Bombs. Soon to be without words soon. Gettin' scary

  2. In addition to the program described above, I listened to The New JFK show #129, which included the same four panelists of Jim Fetzer, Gary King, Don Fox, and Larry Rivera:

    Toward the end of the podcast, Jim Fetzer presents an offensive historical chronology of events in which he attempts to link (1) the Holocaust, (2) the founding of the state of Israel, (3) the assassination of JFK, and (4) the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

    In his own words at 53:42 into the program, Fetzer makes the odious statement that the Holocaust was "a contributor and spawned among its offsprings at least contributions to the assassination of JFK and was among the driving, motivating force behind 9/11." Following this analysis, Larry Rivera says, "Yeah! Yeah! I have to agree!"

    After listening to this program, I reported it to YouTube under the link "hateful or abusive content." This abhorrent discourse has no place in civilized conversations about historical events.

    I commend bpete for taking the time to call out the participants of The New JFK Show for these repugnant internet presentations.