Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Another Thread Unravels...a pretty important one

Sometimes, when I sit down to do a blog entry, I stumble across an item and immediately change course.

This is one of those times....

This as most of you know, is Judyth Very Faker.

I was doing some research on Judyth's life in Florida, more specifically her time at college prior to heading to New Orleans, when I came across the following link...

The nice thing about this link is that it starts way back in 2004, not long after Judyth came out of the closet and was actually started by Judyth. It seems she was a little peeved at McAdams and Dave Reitzes for posting things about Judyth. Most of what you'll read, you've read before. But buried under all of the bullshit was a nice little gem. And we can thank Judyth's buddy, Dim I mean, Wim Dankbaar.

In the thread you'll read Judyth's replies, corrections and excuses for why her story has been so inconsistent over the years, prior to 2004. You'll also read that she was using her default retort of "Read The Book", five years before the book came out. Most of you are also aware that the same retort is the mantra of anyone that gets backed into a corner when trying to convince someone that Judyth is telling the truth.

As anyone that has followed Judyth over the years knows, Judyth has woven a very intricate narrative. Each thread in her tapestry depends on a thread previously woven. Her explanations for certain events started as a declaration about one thing and when questioned about her claim, she has  had to add another thread to support the prior ones. Sometimes, she has to completely rip out a thread and re-weave a section and blame the situation on someone else either altering what she has said in the past, or on her simply speculating in response to a challenge. That shit won't fly here....

A few pages into the thread, William Kelly joins in the discussion and brings up the following statement by Mary Ferrell...

William Kelley was asking for clarification on the "Rorke" individual mentioned above.

Faker friend and enabler, Ed Haslam of Mary's Monkey fame clarifies the situation....

Click for larger view

Notice the date...2011. The story of using code names is established.

Judyth met Ozzy on April 26, 1963. Prior to that date, Judyth and her fiance were using code names to contact each other, one of those names being a form of Rorke.

On the second page of the thread, there was some back and forth about some media material not being on a certain forum....blah blah blah Wim Dankbaar settles the debate by posting links to Judyth's documents that she feared were gone for ever.

But let's do the one thing Judyth has demanded everyone do.....let's READ THE DAMN BOOK.

This is the 26th....no letter. Code names were being used as evidenced by Judyth asking for a letter in a different name. Now look at the following item linked to by Dim I mean, Wim......

Robert Baker mailed that letter on April 24, 1963,  two days before Judyth claims she met Oswald. Judyth states (in her book Me & Lee) that it only took one day for that letter to get from Florida to New Orleans. There is a good damn chance that Judyth did have a letter on the 26th. One sent to Judyth Vary and not any form of Rorke.

The entire story of Judyth Very Faker and her soon to be husband using code names, which caused Oswald to assume she knew the same spies he knew, is absolute bullshit.

And the tapestry starts to unravel.....


  1. Cui bono? Trine Day Publishing. Halsam and Baker are thick as thieves. They're both from Bradenton, Florida, both clients of the Millegan man. This has got to be illegal. This getting on my nerves.

    Thanks, B. Great post !