Saturday, April 15, 2017

Judy Jr. Seems Confused

Yesterday, I brought to you the next Judyth wanna-be Linda Burpler*

Linda was going on and on about how her Doctor's father was bounced off a United flight and he was NOT the same Dr. David Dao that was convicted for prescribing controlled substances to a guy he was bumping uglies with.

Turns out that Linda Burpler was wrong.....or was she?

Today, she now says that her Doctor is John Dao.....yesterday it was Tim Dao.



From the article I linked to yesterday.....


.........seems Linda Burpler* has trouble keeping her story straight. Much like Judyth Very Faker!



  1. Protege and mentor. They both can pinch quite a loaf, eh, B? Thanks for staying on these diseased minds. At least there shall be a record, perhaps to help in court when Baker and her publisher are sued………… again.

  2. Would it be a fair assumption that "Linda Belcher" is a pseudonym for someone with a lot of time on his/her hands to while away on the internet?

  3. Good grief? How many fakers are there out There? I think one could make a career out of this, but maybe that's what these wackos want!