Saturday, May 13, 2017

Raff* Sink: Lying idiot

You're a lying idiot Raff*...

Here is Leavelle with his hand on Ruby's shoulder...

Ruby then ducks down as others are pulling on his arm to get his gun.

Here is Leavelle's hand sliding off his shoulder to Ruby's back....

Then, Leavelle reaches and grabs Ruby by the back of his neck.

No wonder your ex-girlfriend left your lying ass.

Raff* Sink: The pregnant pause in JFK research


  1. I was reading Ralph's award winning blog and saw him mention you. I thought surely bpete has come to his senses and realized it's futile challenging Ralph's fine work. Lo and behold I come here and see you've posted this garbage.

    WHy do you call Dr. Cinque Raff* Cink? I condider this very disrpesctful. Look he's more knowledgeable in JFK research than you or any of your disinfo hsills who post here. Especially the CIA plant Professor Norwood who tried to infiltrate the OIC before Ralph got wise. To fidn out that Bookhout shot Oswald is something nobody else got close to uncovering .

    Ralph is supoerior to you in every way. This childish picture to denigrate a health guru is low even for you. Even his 60's Ralph is in top shape and I bet he looks better in a pair of tight jeans than you.

    William "Jay" Knowles
    Proud Senior OIC Member
    Since April 1st 2015

    1. dang, that evil perfessor norwood, planted by the see eye eh, am sure ralph be woke now, william. now we call powice.

  2. Consummated by The Wizard, no doubt……. LOL !!!!!!! i wonder when he'll have the baby "shower"?

    Great post, B. Thanks !!!! You're the greatest !!

  3. Ralph's "award winning" blog? Is that like the "national book award" his comic book won?

    "He looks better in a pair of tight jeans than you do." And that comes from a guy, talking about a guy, to a guy.
    The have such high standards at the OIC. LOL!

  4. Regarding my association with the Oswald Innocence Campaign, as described above by William "Jay" Knowles, see my essay which appeared on this site where bpete was kind enough to publish it:

    Regarding Cinque's contention that Ruby did not shoot Oswald, the members of The Education Forum discussed this wild theory on the following thread:

    One of the salient posts by a member of The Education Forum reads as follows:

    "Can we dispose of this nuttiness? If you look at the combination of the clips from Evidence of Revision, and the KRLD tapes, there is no question at all that this is Ruby. And as Bauer said, he was concealing himself behind Harrison. End of argument. That nut Cinque has now convinced Fetzer and his gang that there is something to this."

    End of story.