Saturday, May 20, 2017

With Friends Like This, Raff* Is Still An Idiot

The latest from the lame.....

Really? I guess he does resemble Oswald if Oswald were black and wearing jeans with the bottom of the leg folded up to form a cuff....

You know what they say..."idiots of a feather...."

But Raff* goes on to flip flop again on the plaid-ness of Lovelady's shirt...

If that's the case Raff*, why did you try to point out the plaid-ness of Oswald's shirt?

I covered Raff*'s bullshit here:

1 comment:

  1. little raff*'s merry-go-round.

    man, those jvb-like paragraphs of his are really something, reminds me of his 'czech man' speech a long time ago.

    we're going to outlast you, ralphie. and enjoy it.