Monday, June 18, 2018

Which day is this. Raff*?

The latest from Oswald's Nut...

So how do you explain this...?

Look closely Raff*....

Raff* is an idiot.....let's let him reflect on that....


  1. Raff* can't even explain why his balls haven't dropped yet.

  2. With so many wild and indefensible photo interpretations, the time is right for Ralph to pen another one of his "retirement" letters like this one in 2014:

    At the close of his Farewell Address, Ralph signs off as if he were Edward R. Murrow, then asks for "decency" from his adversaries during his state of melancholia! But, like everything else he writes, he was dishonest about fading into the sunset in 2014, and he has continued to write non-stop drivel for the four succeeding years.

    Bpete, keep up the good work in calling him out for unpersuasive, unsubstantiated, and fanciful readings of photographs that only place a blight on serious studies of the JFK assassination.