Sunday, May 6, 2018

Idiocy 101 epilogue:

From Oswald's Nut...


From Dale Myers' book quoting Fritz.....

From SS Inspector Kelley's report...

Nope, "he is never referred to as Jim".......


  1. In scholarly research, one does not begin the process by jumping "all in" to a hypothesis merely by staring at photographs and drawing wild conclusions. Instead, the idea is to carefully study the evidence and see where it leads, prior to making unsubstantiated pronouncements like "he is never referred to as Jim."

    I commend bpete for "outing" Ralph Cinque!

    I would challenge Ralph to present one piece of hard evidence suggesting that Jim Bookhout was not the decent, honest, and hard-working law enforcement officer described in the two tributes posted by bpete above. If Ralph is unable to do so, then he remains enrolled in Idiocy 101 and is also defaming and potentially causing pain to the Bookhout family. Of course, it would never even occur to Ralph that he might be hurting another human being's feelings.

  2. As of the current date, Richard Charnin is still listed as one of the dedicated members of Ralph's club. And here is what Richard has to say about Ralph: "Oh boy, Ralph, you have totally lost it. Your agenda is clear. Who can believe ANYTHING you say anymore?" Richard goes on to say that Ralph is wrong, wrong, wrong about nearly everything, then concludes: "You twist and omit evidence, just like Gerald Ford, George Ball, Arlen Spector, David Belin - and McAdams, Reitzes and Cage."

    Quite a ringing testimonial from one of the club members!,+oh+boy+ralph+you+have+lost+it+cinque&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=3N8-YF1z4WBfrM%253A%252Cl3zbt0JBvP6zdM%252C_&usg=__Y4mrhblK1FbwN2_UXN8gwTLAfY8%3D&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiI3vuk2vHaAhWJ8YMKHRULAAoQ9QEwAHoECAAQLA#imgrc=H1uNuabCDoE7oM:

  3. I *really* don't understand why Ralphie's mommy hit the brain with that rusty coast hanger, yet he's he's still breathing.