Wednesday, June 19, 2019

POZNER V FETZER SUMMARY: Fetzer Got His Ass Kicked


Which is legal speak for Jim Fetzer's case was so weak the Judge in the case decided that Fetzer was full of shit and the case wasn't worthy of going before a jury.

From the Wisconsin State Journal....
There will be a trial in October to decide the amount of damages...Pozner is seeking $1 million.

But here is the truly funny part. Fetzer hasn't learned a damn thing from this experience...

The following is an appearance by Fetzer on a program with some mush mouth named Donald Grahn and Scott Bennett, PhD. If Fetzer relies on Bennett for legal advice it's no wonder he got his ass kicked.....

HEY FETZER...You want some better legal advice? Plead fucking insanity and start hiding your assets. You can definitely prove the former and you're about to lose the latter......


  1. So glad to see this finally happen to these people. Needs institutionalized along with a lot of other conspiracy nuts.

  2. I watched the video from your link above, and I was shocked that Fetzer’s “friends” are apparently encouraging him to take his Sandy Hook case all the way to the Supreme Court. By now, he should realize that it is not enough merely to assert that a piece of evidence is "fake" without a careful demonstration of how, where, and when a document like a death certificate was forged. When the plaintiff produced an official certificate with an official state seal and DNA evidence of his son's death, Fetzer's case was over. That evidence convinced Fetzer’s publisher to pull Fetzer’s book from the publisher's catalogue.* Professor Fetzer would be better off in taking your advice by cutting his losses and making the attempt to learn something from his errors in fact and in judgment.

    * The blurb on the publisher’s website reads as follows: “Due to ongoing litigation, Moon Rock Books Publishing will no longer sell 'Nobody Died At Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control' after June 30, 2019. All remaining copies must be sold by that date, and future copies will not be printed, published, or sold.”

  3. Here is one of the most bizarre youtube videos I have ever watched. In the aesthetics, Mr. Fetzer is pleading his case while engulfed in flames like the burning of a medieval witch. The video is titled "Jim Fetzer in Hell." But a more accurate title would be, "Jim Fetzer--Martyr and Saint":