Sunday, January 3, 2021

Let's Not Mince Words: Judyth Vary Baker Is A Liar


Gollum Goes To School
Judyth Vary Baker (aka Judyth Very Faker) continues to lie about things that can be easily verified. Judy has made a comfortable living lying about her past and the actions of others. She even admitted to waiting to come out with her fictional life story until certain people were dead, for fear of being sued. The reason for that is Judy doesn't limit her lies to her own life, no....she continually lies about the lives of others.

Here is Judyth's latest post describing her lie about how she enrolled at the University of Florida in 1962...


Her entire narrative about late entry into college was shown to be a lie way back in March of 2017. But Judyth has a knack for ignoring the facts and the people that present them. She just refuses to address the issue. She's been called out and many of her followers have tried to debunk my debunking but they've failed.

You can read the truth about the situation here: Judy's Emancipation Proclamation

Judyth Vary Baker is a liar......


  1. Judith Vary Baker's story is true. Lee Harvey O. is an American hero who tried to save JFK. Our own government is behind the JFK's assassination.

  2. Vary Fakers house in Sweden dont have a postal box on her lawn so how does she get her mail? Does she even live there as noone is registered on that address, still the lawn is moved! and mended!?! Google earth the house.,16.0390184,115.2275632a,0d,17.39195241y,90.67153827h,88.49672228t,0r/data=IhoKFlV1aE92TV9fYXV3dHotTzhZQXhtWVEQAg

  3. Let's Not Mince Words, the Author of this Article is a LIAR

  4. Uh... from a man's perspective, fail to grasp why Lee with a babe like Marina would step- out with a woman like her. Not being intentionally cruel here, but realistic.

  5. Yesterday I watched on TV the several years old “Men Who Killed Kennedy,” out of curiosity at first, but then out of sheer amazement at the lunacy of this woman! We’re to believe that she was hot on the trail of a cancer cure, despite having no real education or experience in science or medicine? And that’s just the tip of her delusional iceberg. I later found a VERY long online article that debunked all of her crazy claims (with genuine documentation), and it’s absolutely mind-blowing that anyone in the 21st century pays her any mind! There must be a name for the syndrome with which she is afflicted—“systemic delusions of historical grandeur”?