Sunday, March 11, 2018

Judyth Vary Baker Continues To Lie

Smilin' like a pig in a pile of shit

The other day, I was searching on Spreaker for various topics and came across an interview with Judyth Vary Baker that showed two things:

1. Judyth is a liar of pathological proportions and,
2. She has enjoyed the complacency of knowing that radio hosts are too damn lazy to research an interviewee, which allows her to say virtually anything and have it accepted as truth.

Judyth has been benefiting from "journalistic" laziness for years. In the entire time I have looked into her past, I've only seen a couple of radio/podcast/media personalities actually question or confront her inconsistencies. She wasn't so lucky when she first started to weave her historical tapestry and had to pass muster with the JFK research crowd. The results for her there, were a disaster. She credits the late Jim Marrs with being one of the first researchers to take her seriously and find her credible. I can only hope that Jim Marrs has his name permanently attached to a eternal coal shovel for his efforts.

Here is the latest in the web of lies.....

This episode of crap casting is hosted by Kevin Cook and his sidekick, Heidi Hollis. I've never heard their show before and after this episode, may refrain from listening again if this is an example of their every day efforts. Apparently, neither one of them have ever read anything written by Judyth or even looked into her claims. It's ironic that the first several minutes are spent by the two discussing books, a new book obtained by Kevin and Heidi giving him crap about not reading her book, that she sent him some time back. They then banter back and forth about current events, gun control and then demonize the AR 15 with Heidi equating it to a machine gun and an AK 47. It just proves that some of the most uninformed people in this world take on the job of informing the public.

At 22 minutes in, they finally get connected to Judyth and it's all downhill from there.....

Kevin does a quick intro and states that Judyth has degrees in medical and cultural anthropology, English and communications. She's an artist, poet, futurist (whatever the hell that means) and former cancer researcher. (strange but I've never seen an actual diploma for Judyth in anything). 
Kevin then says that it's timely having her on due to the recent release of many JFK related documents.
Shortly into the interview, Heidi Hollis refers to Jim Marrs and carries on correspondence with Judyth so I can only assume she has swallowed Judyth's bullshit hook, line and sinker.

I think the thing that really caught my attention was the way Judyth tells a hell of a whopper right out of the gate.

Heidi Hollis: One thing that I think was really amazing that's really off topic Judyth, is your background as a cancer researcher and having gotten so close to the cure way back when, only to be blocked and uh pigeon holed.

Judyth: Yes, in fact I can't even get my own birth certificate to this day, um...

Kevin Cook: Really?

Judyth: Yeah, they've removed my name from...well for example, I do have the check stubs showing that I worked in, ...right after they made me leave New Orleans, they had a problem because newspaper reporters were following me around and they knew if I wasn't doing cancer research any more because I had been kicked out for, you know, objecting to using poor prisoners who were volunteering for cancer research and if it worked it would killed them, they didn't tell them that, uh I was, when I was sent back they said oh, we've got a problem because after all the newspaper reporters would say, what happened in New Orleans because she's not in cancer research any more so they put me in a really fancy laboratory. At the same time, they destroyed my college records. For example.......The records says I have a D in general chemistry and therefore can't take any more courses.

Birth certificate.....Judyth has been slingin' bullshit so long that she has forgotten everything she's stated about the situation, and the fact that she has included the situation in two books she's written...

From David Ferrie Mafia Pilot......

And from Me & Lee......

Now, let's address the claim that newspaper reporters were following her around. Either Judyth's propensity for lying has gotten so huge that she feels safe to claim something that did not happen, happened (Judyth has maintained that she was told to go away, give up medicine and all associated research and become as she says "a vanilla girl" and disappear) or she was referring to he super-star status in Florida as the smartest high school student in the entire state, and the well deserved worship of the Florida press corp.

Judyth has several newspaper clipping from when she was in high school and starting college, that show her involvement in summer programs, science fairs and getting a scholarship for her first year of college. She implies that these reporters would soon start asking questions upon her return to Florida after her death defying antics in New Orleans. I call bullshit. Are we supposed to believe that these reporters would start asking questions upon her return, when they didn't follow her around to ask even one question while she was doing all of this supposed super secret work in New Orleans? Yes, we are supposed to believe. 

Judyth expects everyone to believe everything she says. And it's assholes like Jim Marrs that conditioned her to believe, that we should believe.

Why we shouldn't believe a damn word from Judyth Vary Baker.....

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