Sunday, March 18, 2018


One of the main contentions of Judyth Very Faker has been that she must live in exile for fear of being rubbed out by the mysterious "they". You know the "they". The basis for "theyorists" around the world. "They" forced her out of cancer research. "They" forced her to become a "vanilla girl". "They" forced her out of the country in fear for her life.

Bullshit. I said some time ago that this lying cunt was living in Fayetteville, N.C. when I discovered her Facecrook post, telling people to send their money for her JFK Conference to a Fayetteville, N.C. address.

Thank goodness for public records.

Back when I found her son's address was mysteriously the same as the address on her solicitations for money, I did a search but came up empty. Since then, the records have been updated.

I did a search this morning for voter data.....

You can do the same here:

Here's what I found....

Judyth was a NCDMV customer, which means she either stopped in her local DMV office to get or renew a driver's license or a State I.D. North Carolina has a system that allows you to register to vote when you get a license after moving there from another state.

I guess that answers my question as to who was cashing checks in Fayetteville....


  1. Or it means you are reaching.

    1. Reaching? Not at all. In the State of North Carolina you have to be a permanent resident to vote. If you register in one county you give up your right to vote in any other county or state. Judyth Vary Baker is either a resident of North Carolina or she is committing voter fraud. It's just that simple.