Saturday, May 5, 2018

Idiocy 101

This is truly the mark of an idiot. Imbecile Feier!

Most people do. You see, Raff* Sink (aka Oswald's Nut) really screwed the pooch when he went all in on FBI Agent Jim Bookhout being the person that shot Lee Harvey Oswald....shot him, but didn't. You see, "they" wanted to silence Oswald, so "they" decided to make Jack Ruby a patsy, like "they" did Oswald, so "they" drugged Ruby, arranged for a fake perp walk, while "they" got every news reporter, law enforcement officer and Federal Agent to play along, and had FBI Agent Bookhout shoot, but not really shoot Oswald, so "they" could drag Oswald off and shoot him again.


Unruly? The mysterious "they" must have forgot to do a makeup and hair touch-up between takes.

Here is the photo as shown on the Prayer Man site...

His hair doesn't look unruly. Raff* just likes to enlarge every picture to the point that all detail is lost and then make claims about how "they" altered something.

Jim Bookhout is not built like Texas Ranger, Bob Crowder. The man on the right is FBI Agent Bookhout. You don't have to find Bob Crowder in the picture from which the image of Bookhout was cropped because the picture tells you who is who in the picture.

Raff* Sink is so full of shit I can't decide if he'd float or sink straight to the bottom of the bowl.

Here is the photo at the Prayer Man site:

1968 Newspaper Clipping from Steve Roe

Raff* is claiming that Bob Crowder is actually FBI Agent Bookhout and shot Oswald, but he didn't and Bookhout is Bob Crowder.

Here is Raff*'s spin on it last year and a couple of my notes to Raff*...

It's been over 7 months. We're still waiting for that confirmation. We also can see that Bookhout owned more than one suit. A dark one ! ooooooooo..I bet "they" rushed out and bought him once "they" realized that he had on a light colored suit in Fritz's office. Raff* continues.....

 I don't know where Raff* comes up with this crap. Bookhout didn't follow Oswald around, anywhere. He came down to the DPD for Oswald's interviews. And then Raff* slips into declaratory mode and makes another one of his asinine claims......It is unusual for an FBI Agent to wear a light suit. Apparently not, considering the fact that you're looking at one. And the gentleman standing behind Bookhout has on a suit not much darker than Bookhouts. That's another funny thing about many of Raff*'s pictures...they show the very thing he says doesn't exist.

Why would he do that? Are you serious Raff*? Why don't you ask all these guys why they held their cameras over their heads.....

Or ask these guys....

See Raff*..........what am I saying? It's obvious you don't see this guy's head in the way....

Raff* has been able to bring out the sinister in bringing food up and down an open shirt, holding a camera up over people to get a shot, leaning certain ways, looking down while walking, having thin hair, standing closest to an exhibit and now...pipe smoking.

Raff* Sink is an idiot.

And as we always see, Raff* has to find a problem with the source of every photo that has proved him wrong over the years (there's been hundreds)...

 This is what happens when Oswald's Nut has atrophied into a bitter, old malcontent on the edge of psychosis. Hate should prevail in the JFK sandbox over collaboration. Raff* Sink is batshit crazy and the scarier part of the equation is that people agree with him, Google lets him buy placement and people see his images and do the same thing as Raff* and just accept what he says instead actually doing some research. 

Raff* calls out Denis Morrisette in particular by criticizing the fact that he corrected his own work...

Raff* followed a link to a video, that showed someone talking to Oswald. And, Raff* takes it as gospel that the guy talking to Oswald is FBI Agent Bookhout because the person that posted the link said it was Bookhout.

That's all the research Raff* needs. He's exactly like Fetzer in that regard. He relies entirely on the "work" of others. A long time ago, Oswald's Nut would make a mistake or make a wrong identification and say "Hey, my bad" and correct their mistake. Raff* has slipped past the realm of integrity and demands that you accept any misinformation simply because Raff* Sink claims it to be true.

But Raff* just lied through his teeth.

"And then some guy, and I forget who, put the link up to the above video clip....Well, this short guy is the only guy Oswald talks to in the hall. I wish I could remember the man who referred me to this"

Hmmmm...that doesn't square with this.....

November 4, 2016 The OIC Blog
You think Raff* forgot?

This is the world of Oswald's Nut...

This is your brain on jock itch.......


  1. Merely from reading the words of Ralph Cinque in the exposé above, it is easy to discern Ralph's flawed photo interpretations (Bookhout's unruly hair) and his woeful documentation of sources ("I wish I could remember the man who referred me to this.").

    But beyond his wacky ideas and substandard scholarship, Ralph's internet discourse takes on a more sinister tone, as apparent in the following threat made to me:

    "Professor Norwood, I know you are a professor of Humanities and not Physics. But, I would expect any kind of professor to have enough intelligence to grasp the fundamental principles of optics. It is optically impossible for a photographer who is standing to the left of a passing motorcyclist whose hands are evenly placed on the symmetrical handlebar grips of the motorcycle to capture only his right arm and not his left when his arms are lined up. You are a professor, James, and you should know better. And now you are giving me no choice but to take action because this is behavior, on your part, that is unbecoming of a professor."

    Because I disagreed with Ralph's interpretation of the position of the hands of the motorcycle outrider, he has declared that he will "take action" against me.

    Do you think I may be in danger of having my kneecaps broken?