Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Ring Judges Say Raff*'s An Idiot

Google is failing Raff* big time....

Better than going through life as a dumbass like you Raff*.

You're an idiot Raff*...

There's 3 examples you asshat, found in a matter of seconds.

Now why don't you stick to your starvation clinic and leave the things you have to think about to those that have that ability.

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  1. Ralph,

    Your work does not hold up under close scrutiny. Scientific facts should be the heart of your argument for photo alteration of the Altgens6. But it is painfully apparent that you do not understand the film development processes and techniques of the 1960s.

    Rather than studying and learning about the techniques, you sit from the comfort of your computer, writing speculative pronouncements like the following:

    "Somebody put a dab of the photographic equivalent of Wite-out there….later, it was converted into an elbow."

    But you never raise or answer these questions:

    (a) who was the "somebody" that altered the photograph?

    (b) where and when were the alternations made?

    (c) what chemical are you referring to as "the photographic equivalent of Wite-out"?;

    (d) how was this photo-doctoring process achieved through the technology available in 1963?; and

    (e) how was it known to the photographic conspirators during the noon hour of November 22,1963, that it was vitally important to rub out and replace the elbow of Buell Frazier? Or did the elbow really belong to Ruth Dean?

    Larry Rivera has established that Ike Altgens dropped off his roll of film no later than 12:50pm. I have established through interviews and eyewitness testimony that the Altgens6 photo was received in American news bureaus shortly after 1pm. Roy Schaeffer has demonstrated that once the wirephoto had been transmitted, it is no longer possible to make alterations to the photo. In the case of one newspaper that I researched, the print run was completed by 2pm and the papers were on the streets shortly thereafter.

    Sorry, but there was no time to complete the photo alterations you are suggesting. Your hypothesis about Altgens6 makes no sense and is not supported by the evidence.