Sunday, November 1, 2020

Rebecca Carnes: bitch can't take the heat



What gratitude! I put her in the top line of Googled images and this is the thanks I get.......

Access denied by site owner.

You see, Rebecca is not only the laziest Sandy Hooker on the planet, she also lies through her teeth when she says she just wants the truth. I provided a link to the truth in the comment section  of her latest attempt at fame.
Apparently, she didn't appreciate my efforts.

Now, unlike Rebecca, we actually want the truth and are willing to accept comments from anyone that takes the time to leave them.

Invitation is yours Rebecca.....don't be such a wanker....use it!


  1. She deleted my posts and I can no longer login. Funny how the ones complain about Youtube,Facebook censorship are the ones who delete posts and block accounts.

    1. Old tin foil hat trick. Just like her mentor, Jim Fetzer, they'd rather delete an opposing remark than debate their own claim out of fear they could be shown to be wrong.

  2. I still have admiration for the Newtown mom for her spunk in calling out Beto O'Roarke for his neoliberal BS. She is also quite the self-promoter, as apparent in this caption posted on the home page of the Newtown Rooster: "My Oct. 2019 encounter with then presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke that went viral on Fox News. He dropped out and ended his campaign the next day."