Sunday, July 7, 2019

Top 10 Things Fetzer Can Do To Raise $1 Million

Throwback to Jim's first award from F.A.R.T.

10...Take his magic act to Vegas where he pulls ridiculous statements out of his ass.

9... Combine efforts with Raff* to convert their unsold books to toilet paper.

8...Contract with Party City to inflate balloons at 10 cents a blow.

7...Hook up with Judyth and then abscond with her various medical fundraiser accounts.

6...Get Larry Rivera to morph a $1 bill into a $1,000,000,000 bill.

5...Sell tickets in Israel to watch Don Fox shove his Da Jooos bell up his ass.

4...Open a dunking booth at Judyth's next conference.

3...Become Depend® Adult Incontinence Products' next spokesman.

2...Convince Kraft-Heinz to let him start his own version of Planter's Mixed Nuts.

1...Sue the University of Minnesota - Duluth for granting him the title of McKnight Professor of Philosophy Emeritus and giving him the false sense of intelligence that got him into his current dilemma.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Fetzering Is In The Details OR: 35 Years of PhD Is No Match For Common Sense

Well, it took some digging, but I finally found the paper trail for Jim Fetzer's momentous loss to Noah Pozner's Dad.

Let me set the scene. A Civil Trial can be boiled down to a simple process. Individual A serves notice on Individual B that Individual A is hauling Individual B's ass into court for some perceived wrong. In this case, Lenny Pozner had enough of Jim Fetzer's bloviations over the years and decided that in his opinion, Jim Fetzer had defamed him by claiming that Lenny wasn't Lenny, that Lenny didn't have a son named Noah, that Noah wasn't a real person and that Noah didn't die in the mass shooting known as Sandy Hook. Jim Fetzer's claims have been debunked in numerous places but being proven wrong has never stopped Jim Fetzer from continuing to show his stupidity.

Now, in a civil trial, there's some back and forth between parties to set the ground rules of what will be decided, what will be offered by each side to back their claims and who will be a witness for each side, all before a hearing in front of a Judge. The court sets deadlines for submission of material and responses to any material submitted. There are depositions taken of witnesses, and documents passed between the litigants (through the court) where they offer their respective "facts" to back up their claims, attach documents of proof, then stipulate to those thing the other side says, that they will agree with or not contest. They also declare which of the other side's fact they dispute and give reasons as to why.

Individual A (hereafter the Plaintiff) in this case submitted a Motion For Summary Judgment, which in plain-speak is a document stating that here's the evidence that proves my claim beyond a doubt and therefore I want the Judge to decide that based on this evidence, I have sufficiently proved my claim and there is no need to take this to trial and Individual B (hereafter the Defendant) can go suck eggs...or in other words...the Judge says Plaintiff wins, Defendant loses.

The Defendant, in this case, also submitted a Motion For Summary Judgment so the Judge will basically find for one side or the other. In doing so, finding for one side, he automatically dismisses the losing side's motion or request.

Leading up to this hearing, Lenny Pozner requested a DNA test comparing his DNA to his deceased son Noah's DNA. His lawyer prepared the necessary material, paperwork, including the documentation for the chain of custody of the DNA samples, and proof of his son's existence.

As this process progressed, I could only follow the schedule listed at the Wisconsin Courts website and had a pretty good idea what was transpiring. I predicted a major ass kicking for Fetzer and turns out I was correct. I have copies of all motions filed, the responses to facts and Fetzer's affidavit but the only thing that matters of the hearing......everything is covered there. Please take the time to read it to the end. I think it shows better than anything else, how the term "Fetzering" is defined.

Here is the transcript for the hearing for the Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judment...

Jim Fetzer has been relying on his 35 years of teaching critical thinking as the basis for demanding that people not question anything he says. It's sad to think that parents paid good money to the University of Minnesota to have this educated idiot instruct their kids.

Jim Fetzer has described himself as a "devastating intellectual machine"....

The asshat can't even grasp the concept of evidence.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Keep Talking Fetzer...your damages trial isn't long off....

After Jim Fetzer had his ass handed to him in a summary judgement in Wisconsin's court system, you would think he'd be a little wary of continuing the behavior that caused him to lose in the fist place.

BUT NO.....Jim keeps running his mouth, seemingly unconcerned that his trial for damages approaches.

Hat tip to James Norwood for bringing the video below to my attention in comments left on my last post. It seems someone took an appearance of Jim with Dr. (cough cough) Katherine Horton (internet nutjob) and edited it with captions included....

Nice creative touch with the flames and all.

This got me searching for the original video because I was interested to see the whole conversation about Jim's best bud, Dave Gahary, throwing Jim under the bus and settling with Lenny Pozner without informing Jim.

You can watch the entire interview here...

Everyone that has visited my blog over the years knows what high regard I hold for Jim and his band of wingnuts like Raff* Sink, Judyth Very Faker, Dennis Cimino, Don Fox, Gary King and Larry Rivera so, in closing, I'll give Fetzer the last word...

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

POZNER V FETZER SUMMARY: Fetzer Got His Ass Kicked


Which is legal speak for Jim Fetzer's case was so weak the Judge in the case decided that Fetzer was full of shit and the case wasn't worthy of going before a jury.

From the Wisconsin State Journal....
There will be a trial in October to decide the amount of damages...Pozner is seeking $1 million.

But here is the truly funny part. Fetzer hasn't learned a damn thing from this experience...

The following is an appearance by Fetzer on a program with some mush mouth named Donald Grahn and Scott Bennett, PhD. If Fetzer relies on Bennett for legal advice it's no wonder he got his ass kicked.....

HEY FETZER...You want some better legal advice? Plead fucking insanity and start hiding your assets. You can definitely prove the former and you're about to lose the latter......

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Get your bib out Fetzer, you just got served!

Many thought it would eventually happen.

Fetzer finally gets sued....
It took long enough.

 Further in the AP story we see that Fetzer's been winning over the hearts and minds of whackjobs all over.

 Jim "Fake News" Fetzer was quick to come back with a statement that "they" would offer a vigorous defense. I say insanity is his best out. He didn't make the Encyclopedia of American Loons for rational thought...

Fetzer's modus operandi is simple: latch on to another person's theory or supposed evidence showing subterfuge and hit every available media outlet to belch forth his claims. Literally, belch without breathing for minutes, giving voice to his expertise. Fetzer is great at belching theory but falls short on science. And much like his fellow Incompetent Clown, Raff* Sink, it is a cold day in hell when he admits he's wrong about anything. The best I could ever get him to admit is that he would "check on" a much bloviated claim by him that Underwriters Laboratories certified the steel in the World Trade Center.But that is the method behind Fetzer's madness...if cornered, he claims that it is someone else that is wrong. Fetzer has had to drop several people like hot rocks over the years.
Now, the bio at the Loon site was written prior to Fetzer's latest quixotic attempts at being an expert. Since it was posted, Fetzer has jumped into the Boston Marathon Bombing was fake, the Holocaust is actually a Holohoax and Sandy Hook was a false flag FEMA drill, where no one died. 

I say insanity is his best out because he can so readily prove he's batchit crazy. Just type Fetzer in to Youtube and you can find him blaming the inferno in Waco on Hillary, because attention was being diverted away from her attempts at health care legislation.

Some time ago, in the not too distant past, Jim Fetzer crossed paths with Jim Tracy, a professor at Florida Atlantic University, and Wolfgang Halbig, a failed school security expert (or some such crap). Together, they pushed the "No One Dies at Sandy Hook meme" across the net and eventually into book form. 

When I heard of the lawsuit against Fetzer, I decided to dive back into history and get current on the subject. Naturally, the first thing to do is to hit Google and search "Fetzer Sandy Hook". One of the first things to pop up was a Bitchute vid being promoted by Fetzer. Fetzer appeared on the Brian Ruhe channel on YouTube and apparently, the video was removed by YouTube. Of course, Fetzer doesn't seem cognizant of the fact that someone might remove a vid on their own channel just to create the impression that someone is being censored. People in Fetzer's world are not the most exemplary in their actions. (The names Ralph Cinque and Judyth Baker come to mind.)

Here is the link to Fetzer's Bitchute vid...

In the vid, Fetzer covers updates on Tracy and Halbig and then dives into the evidence presented in the book he edited. That last thing is a big thing to Fetzer. So much so that he bitched for days over the AP story at the top of this post, about his being sued, where the reporter printed "fake news" according to Fetzer, when he claimed that Fetzer was the author of the book No One Died at Sandy Hook, and not the editor. Of course Fetzer fails to mention that he is the author of certain sections. In fact, the lawsuits flying over Sandy Hook has even the most hardened conspiracy crackpots running scared. So scared that even Gordon Duff covers his ass at Veterans Today by posting the following disclaimer....

 How sweet of Gordo to empathize with shooting victims. Maybe he can start empathizing with Da Jooooos shot by the Nazis. Don't hold your breath on that one.

 Now, in the video linked above, Fetzer goes over his undebunkable (except by a plethora of individuals all across the web) evidence that the shooting at Sandy Hook was a hoax. Undebunkable evidence such as this...
Excerpt from No One Died at Sandy Hook discussed in the video

Now it took all of 3 minutes to find this....

You can go to the link above and download this...

And this.....

And this is the part that really gets me. For years, Fetzer has blamed the FBI for bungling everything they've investigated from JFK to 9/11 to you name it. But in this instance, the FBI is an irrefutable source for data for the simple reason that it fits Fetzer's needs. No other reason. And there are people out there that suck this crap up like manna. 

Here is another example of complete bullshit in Fetzer's vid. He brings up the fact that some idiot in Pakistan lifted a copy of Noah Pozner's picture and placed on their propaganda claiming that the kid in the picture is a victim of  an attack on the Army School in Peshawar Pakistan. Here's a few examples.....

Now Fetzer claims the kid is alive. No wait...he never wait....

Need I remind anyone that has done research into the underhanded tactics of the Palestinians and the Muhammed al-Duria affair that the propaganda value of bullshit can be enormous.

For more on the subject... Pallywood: An Introduction

(Editor's note: The constant smearing of Da Joooos by Fetzer and his online box of wingnuts are a topic for another day, but it seems to be a constant theme in most conspiracy theories and damn near every one of Fetzer's.)

Since I started to compose this post, the wheels of justice have been grinding along. Fetzer is representing himself, but I think, based on the progress of the case through the system, he's relying on the publishing company's lawyers to provide some cover.

So far, things aren't going well for Fetzer as he's had to answer several motions and had several of his own denied.

You can keep up with the schedule for this 3 ring circus here:

They have a court date.....

Let's crank up the popcorn maker and sit back and watch......

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Judyth Very Faker is still in exile

It's that time of every two years again and Judyth tottered down to the election board to turn in her ballot.

Is she a resident of Fayettenam or committing voter fraud ?

click picture to enlarge

Monday, July 23, 2018

Close Enough For Gov'ment Work

Shit is about to get real for Julian Assange.

(Does Edward Snowden sleep soundly knowing of Putin's recent bromance with Trump?)

Many of my readers know that I'm averse to accepting most conspiracy theories because for the most part, they have morphed into "They" ories.

The mysterious "They".

 No one can ever tell you who "They" are, how "They" did what they did, how "They" were able to compartmentalize an operation that would include 100's if not 1000's, of unwitting accomplices and then keep them all quiet about the who, what, why, when and how of the operation that was successfully carried out by the "They".

You are now witnessing the fallout of a major screw-up by elements of the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton,The Democratic National Committee, Anti-Trumpers (yes, you John McCain), major media figures and an assortment of side-show freaks employed on both sides of the aisle.

But this isn't a conspiracy, in any sense of the word. These asshats operated out in the open, uninhibited by threat of prosecution, within clear view of the agencies charged to protect the public and the media that promotes itself as operating in the public interest. Our watchdogs were either asleep or in on it.

It is reported this morning, in many major newspapers, that Julian Assange is about to be kicked out of the Ecuadorian Embassy and handed over to U.K. Authorities. If that happens, Assange stands a good chance of being extradited to the U.S. to face charges in connection with the publishing of classified information.

Scapegoat,Original Target or Collateral Damage?
In the past 2 weeks, the Mueller/Russia/Collusion/RICO/innuendo/setup/witchhunt/fishingexpo investigation heated up with the announcement of Mueller's indictment of 12 Russians that his court will very likely never see within it's halls. He knows it, the Russians know it, hell for that matter, anybody that reads the news knows it. Then, there's the problems that confronts Mueller if through some mysterious alignment of the planets, sets even one of the indicted within his reach....proving his claim. Indictments make for nice news fodder but can come back to bite you in the ass if you fail to make your case. Mueller doesn't care, his efforts exposed in his going after Enron proves that.

Could the end game of all this Trump/Russia/Clinton/Stormy-in-a-Dcup be to finger the Ruskies as a way to take down Assange and divert attention away from the efforts by the Obama Administration on behalf of the Democrats and Hillary? Was Assange a target from the outset? Did they use a Trump ruse to get him?

My two cents.....Brennan, Clapper and Comey, with knowledge of and approval by Obama, in collaboration with several others is positions of influence, attempted to circumvent the electoral process by aiding and abetting Hilary Clinton, the DNC, et al., in throwing the Democratic Party primary process and the General Election of the U.S.

Hillary's election was, to paraphrase George Tenet, a "slam dunk". The game was rigged. Problem is, they got busted. The other side found out. Not only found out, but found out exactly what they were up to and watched them lie their way through the entire process up to and including this day. Everything that we've seen happen since the swearing in of Trump is a coordinated effort to create a scandal using the very same assets implemented during the election, arranged to point the finger in a certain direction while hoping the media will pull their weight by influencing what comes to light before the public. The media will let us know what's important, don't worry.

Everything the main stream press is telling you about this series of events is bullshit.
But, we knew that back in 2016, before Trump took office...

 Full article here:

In January of 2017, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released it's report on the Russian Influence in the 2016 Election.

The report can be found here:

The entire contents of that report is bullshit. That report was complied by one, James Clapper and one, John Brennan, both of which have repeatedly lied to Congress without fear of prosecution. James Clapper was the guy who famously lied about the illegal NSA collection of data when he was asked if the Government collected any data on citizen's phone data and he replied "Not wittingly". Not only was the Government "wittingly" collecting the data, they were threatening the phone providers if it wasn't handed over. This is the same Clapper behind the Saddam WMD's that never materialized. Has the Left/Liberal/Progressive/Democrats forgotten that they wanted to convict Bush for the lie when it was Clapper that generated it?
But, of course...
Brennan is famous for being involved in fuck ups his entire career. He was station chief for the CIA when the Khobar Towers were blown up in Saudi Arabia. He supported torture under Bush. He oversaw the "driving while droned" program that resulted in executions of untried, unconvicted U.S. citizens. How much collateral damage is this guy responsible for? How in the hell is Brennan embraced as a CNN expert in every damned thing the liberal left has demanded Bush, Chaney et al. be prosecuted for as war crimes?

Is anyone in the main stream media even attempting to point out the hypocrisy to the Democrat/Leftist/Liberal/Progressives that they conveniently, collectively ignore? No, and don't hold your breath.....

In that report, Clapper and Brennan assure us that they know who did what, when. Naturally, being a declassified copy, Clapper and Brennan can't tell us about the "real" evidence but take their word for it...Russia is guilty.

Forget the fact that they don't say how Russia did what it did, that's not important now, just the accusation is enough. We should take their word for it. For a year and a half, they have demanded that we take their word for it.

An example of their knowledge of Russian hacking and forwarding info to Wikileaks, is the dedication of half their report to telling us about RT...Russia Today....Russian TV in mainstream America. RT is a state sponsored propaganda machine and that proves that the Russians provided the DNC emails to Wikileaks. Julian Assange has been on RT ...ipso factso Russia gave Assange the DNC emails.. Go get Assange.

That was January 6th, 2017. Before Trump took office. ain't a real conspiracy until Fetzer says Da Joooooooos did it........

One reporter from the main stream has done an excellent job of following the bouncing ball and setting things in order.

The full timeline can be found here:

Sharyl Attkisson speaks from experience. She's seen first hand how the power of the government can reach right into your home.....

Just yesterday, the release of 400+ pages of information surrounding the issuance of a FISA warrant for surveillance of Carter Page shows that the unsubstantiated Steele dossier (paid for by Hillary, The DNC and the FBI) was used to obtain the warrant. The FBI paid for the unsubstantiated information used as probable cause evidence in a FISA warrant against a U.S. citizen in an effort to entrap the President Elect of the United States.
Until now, main stream media has been running interference for the Democrat sponsored coup attempt.. Just in case you're paying attention, it's illegal for someone to seek a FISA warrant and lie about the veracity of the underlying evidence presented to the court.

Someone fucked up. Where is main stream media's reporting on the subject?

Let's look at the state of the Russia Collusion the past year, the only changes of status are in the culpability column of the Democrats, led by Hillary and her henchmen Brennan, Clapper and Comey.

Here are two stories from Mark McCarty  from last year

*Editor's note: Past experiences with chiropractic starvation gurus withstanding, this guy sources his argument. It's worth the read...

The first.....

James "Not Wittingly" Clapper

Full article here:

McCarty goes on to discuss the probability that Seth Rich was the source for Wikileaks' DNC emails. Not the Russians. The Obama Administration, Hillary, the DNC, Brennan, Clapper and Comey need you to believe it was the Russians. That is, until the whole thing blows over after Mueller's allowed to have his run fun.

The second, mentioned above....

Full article here:

Mueller's just indicted 12 trolls....

McCarty reiterates his claims concerning Seth Rich but goes on the discuss evidence in the case showing that the DNC emails weren't hacked but actually downloaded somewhere on the East coast based on metadata included in the purloined emails.

Bet CNN didn't tell you that!