Sunday, November 13, 2016

Well, That's One Mystery Solved

In September of 2015, Raff* Sink announced that the great Wim Dankbaar had joined the OIC. But it was the shortest tenure in the group's history. Many noticed that within hours of the announcement, Wim had disappeared from the Senior Class picture.

Enter fate and the eternal optimist, me .....

I noticed that Wim had replied to a question posed by Kleep Klopp, so I took advantage of the situation and asked Dim just why he left the group. Speculation was, it was due to Raff* trashing his (Dim's) sugar granny, Judyth Very Faker.

Turns out I was correct....

There you have it. The Great Wim Dankbaar thinks Raff* is full of shit. No big surprise there, but it explains why Raff* refused to answer our inquiries about Dim.

The conversation continues....

I think I pissed off Wim...but I knew every wingnut worth their weight in SPAM always had one comeback left in them...

Ever notice when a crank gets cornered, the first thing they try to do is put the spotlight on someone else?

I guess while we wait we can venture over to Raff*'s place and see if he's got his panties out of his crack yet...

From Raff*'s Blog
Nope.....looks like he's gonna be a while....


  1. "no inconsitencies..." Hahaha....Poor Wim. Files and Baker. Two certified liars to back up, wonder if he sleeps much at night?

  2. This is hilarious. Beyond words.

  3. Yes, B. Now you've done it….. you've pushed the little fella over the edge…….. of his bok choy garden wall. Standing tall !!!