Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hey Raff* a little research

Good Ol' Raff*...blazing a trail of bullshit.

 And then there's the expert analysis.

Read the following Raff*....

Click for larger view

Here's where the shoes ended up.....

 And the AP covered them when they went up for auction....$12-100-At-Auction/id-f0b6f23bfb213e2578c56f6556cc5f77

You really suck at this JFK thing Raff*. Have you ever thought of opening a starvation farm or something ...jus' askin'.


  1. Excellent work in compiling this data, bpete!

    Also, Ruby was not residing in a "boarding room," as claimed by Cinque. It was Oswald who lived in a boarding house; Ruby lived in an apartment in Oak Cliff. In careful research, these details are significant.

    On my most recent trip to Dallas, I visited the small apartment complex where Ruby resided, and I walked off the distance between the apartment and the Texas Theatre, taking multiple routes and backstreets to judge the timing.

    Apparently, Cinque believes research and investigation are irrelevant to the study of the assassination. All that he needs to draw his bizarre conclusions are degraded computer images and a vivid imagination.

  2. Here is an alternative title for the great exposé above:

    “Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers”