Monday, November 7, 2016


This is priceless. The idiot Raff* can't conceive that a color other than black or white, is going to show up as a shade of grey in a black and white photo.

Joe Backes just shot holes all in Raff*'s latest bag-o-gas ....

Raff* has a hard time accepting when he's wrong...

Hey Raff* attention.....

Oh and this photo wasn't taken right after Ruby was arrested. It was taken before his trial...

Will Joe Backes show the world that Raff* is an idiot again in the future?

I think you can bet Ruby's jock strap on it....


  1. I have no words for this, B……. yet, go back four years and have said same. The Asshat that keeps on shitting……

  2. It looks like Bpete is stuck on a quart of a brain because anyone with half a brain can see Ralph has made another fantastic discover. Quart of a brain. Ha ha ha. I'm so funny. See Bpete. That jok will most likely fly over your head due to you not being with it.

    Look. 2017 is going to be a great year for the OIC, of which I'm a proud member. Now with Donald Trump in charge, we have a man who will listen. Ralph has a letter on the way to the Oval Office and there isn't a damn thing an OP like you can do about it.

    I expect big things for the OIC. Possibly a 10th episode of "The Men who killed Kennedy" with all the new JFK research or a feature length documentary. I'm going to love picturing your reaction when Ralph's doorway man song will accompany the closing credits. I suspect over 200,000 people have viewed it on YouTube already. ( of course YouTUbe cooks the numbers so it appears less)

    Look it was Bookhout who did the staged shooting. 100% as sure as Oswald in the doorway. Ralph's always righy. You're always wrong.

  3. Jay,

    In your post, you are not discussing the issues or the ocular proof of the police inventory of Ruby’s personal items, as researched and presented by bpete. Instead, you engage in unqualified praise for Ralph Cinque’s “discoveries” with no apparent critical judgment. This is shocking.

    It is fair to say that there will never be a documentary of the caliber of Nigel Turner’s “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” series that features Ralph Cinque. Even if he were to provide the funding, a film about Altgens6 alteration or Bookhout substituting for Ruby would never reach the mainstream media or even any noteworthy release beyond the internet.

    Finally, if you truly believe that President elect Donald J. Trump will re-open the JFK investigation, I suspect that you will be greatly disappointed.

    P.S. One of the differences between this blog and Cinque’s is that bpete publishes comments like yours. Cinque closes off all reader comments. That speaks volumes about his character, as well as the caliber of his posts.