Saturday, March 4, 2017

Judy's Emanicpation Proclamation

In this blog, I'm going to discuss an event in Judyth Very Faker's life that I haven't seen discussed. Not saying it hasn't been the topic of debate, I just haven't run across a discussion of this issue, specifically.

So let it be "writ"en, so let it be done....
Judy has claimed that she was granted emancipation from her parents by a college Dean. This caught my attention simply because of the absurdity of what she says took place and the total disregard for the law and process concerning a minor's emancipation.

First, let's let Judy describe what happened.

This is from her official biography.....

Wow, what a great lady that Marian Brady was. In helping Judyth with her super secret, late date, "technically illegal" arrival, it seems that Marian Brady really stuck her neck out. For the record, the Dean of Women at UF was named Marna Brady, but what's a typo among friends, right?

Judyth Very Faker claims she was a dead ringer for Marina Oswald
 Judyth tells a riveting story. With the help of well connected people, she was able to secretly enroll in college "technically illegally". Judyth is Queen of the Weaver Clan. Let's look at a few vital threads holding her story together.

Judyth was able to get a "writ of emancipation" with Dean Brady's help. She doesn't explain how she obtained this "writ" or provide evidence of the "writ". That might be because there's no such thing.

Minors have the ability to petition the court for emancipation, and when ordered by a court, results in the minor being declared independent of the guardian whether it be parents, or foster parents, etc.

If Judyth obtained emancipation there would be a record with the court of Florida. but let's not rely on Judyth's official biography. Let's do what everyone is is instructed to do when you either question Judyth or confront her.

First things first...Deans don't write "writs" that make the cops and judges go away. If a judge issued a warrant for the cops to pick up a run away, holed up at a University in 1962, it would have been news. The cops would have taken Judyth into custody and they would have gone to see the judge. Plain and simple. If there was emancipation involved, it would have required a hearing in front of a judge and if the judge deemed the minor was able to support his/her self, and it was in the best interests of the minor, an Order of Emancipation would have been issued by the Court and it would be on file.

Secondly, if Judyth had been given grants to cover her education, room and board at the University, her father would not have been able seize anything. In fact, having grants to cover all of her costs at school would have been used in her favor, in any court hearing.

Now let's look at the vital threads, upon which the threads above were based. Judyth's super secret, late admission to the University of Florida.

Again, we refer to The Damn Book.....

The statements underlined in red are out and out fabrications.

Let's refer to another damn book....

The following pages show the schedule of the University of Florida for the years 1961-1962

Classes began on February 12, 1962.
The drop-add date for the Spring Semester was February 17, 1962.

Judyth claimed that in late January 1962, classes had been going on for weeks and in February, she was five weeks behind.

I call Bullshit....

Yup...dead ringer all right.


  1. Your turn, Judyth.

    Nice work, B. Thanks !!!

  2. Excellent presentation, plus an outstanding discovery of the academic calendar! Once again, someone is caught in the lie!

  3. On p. 84 of "Me & Lee," Ms. Baker writes the following about her admittance to the University of Florida:

    “Upon my arrival at the University, I checked in with the Dean of Women who promptly slipped me into the computer system as easily as if she were correcting a typo.”

    This statement is absurd because in 1962, there were no sophisticated computer systems used by universities to administer large student populations. Rather, there would have been a primitive data processing program located in the Office of the Registrar—not the Dean’s office. To think that Dean Brady could instantly enroll Judyth as a full-time student, without a formal process of application and the preparation of a student file is simply preposterous. The Dean would need to confer with other university officials, especially the Registrar, and the enrollment process would take weeks to complete in the typical bureaucracy of a large university.

    1. Excellent point on the computers James. I really don't see where any of the JFK enthusiasts that have sung her praises, ever vetted her or her claims.

    2. for many, the hardest thing to do is back out of believing a lie, especially if you have invested your time in believing it.

  4. In the 60s, and even until the late 70s, registering was done by getting computer punch cards for each class one was going to take.

    1. Thank you John. For an intelligent woman, Judyth seems to forget that people were doing the mundane things she twists out of proportion with her fantasy driven descriptions.