Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Only Lie That Matters

This is Judyth Very Faker....

"This is where Lee and I made snow angels that summer. We did our arms like this..."

Judyth Very Faker claims to be an adulteress that had an affair with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans, during the late spring and summer of 1963.

She has courted controversy since coming out with her story in the late 1990's.  Her claims were met with criticism from researchers based on contradictions between her story and what was known at the time. Judyth floated a couple of manuscripts and finally had a book or two published, only to have them pulled.

Judyth has always had an excuse for every contradiction thrown her way. Either someone misquoted  her, misunderstood her or was using an old copy of something that was stolen and altered. 

Judyth has a convenient answer for everything and everyone. Unless you get to the very bedrock of her allegations. You can argue until the cows come home about cancer plots and who was zoomin' who, so let's cut the crap and look at the very claim that it all hinges upon....

Judyth Very Faker claims that she met Lee Harvey Oswald in a New Orleans, La. Post Office, on April 26, 1963.

In 2004, John Simkin at the Education Forum, posted a bio blurb about Judyth Very Faker. Judyth decided to correct some of the things that John supposedly had wrong. John allowed her the opportunity. You can find the entire thread here: 

A couple of Judyth's disciples showed up to air their concerns and Judyth was asked some very simple, direct questions. Here is her reply to John Simkin's question....

Simple question, straightforward answer. 4/26/63 at about 1 p.m.

Fast forward to 2010, just before the release of Judyth's newest rewrite of her autobiography, Me & Lee.

James Fetzer decided to run a post at the Education Forum, about Judyth and her miserable existence. Jim is posting for Judyth who has to contend with bad internet service, a computer with a Hungarian keyboard, near blindness, and other effects from 2.3 concussions. On page 45 of 200+, Judyth is responding to the comments of David Lifton, who said that he didn't believe Judyth's story because of her comments about how Lee Oswald was dressed when she met him in the Post Office, that day in April. 

Here's the Reader's Digest version of Lifton v Faker. For years, Judyth stood by her claim of meeting Oswald in the afternoon. Judyth originally described Oswald as being dressed shabbily, like coming from work  Lifton comes along and makes reference to a report from the Employment Office that describes Oswald in a shirt and tie. He calls bullshit...

Judyth completely reinvents her meeting with Oswald.

I'm not going to go into detail about the myriad of inconsistencies, found by other researchers in Judyth's varied versions of her story in the first 44 pages, you can wade through that mess on your own. 

I want to focus on the main issue, her meeting Ozzy for the first time.

You can find it here:

Here is an excerpt....

There is a huge difference between 1:00 p.m. and 8:30 a.m.

She can't even get the time right that she met her "soulmate".

I call bullshit.....


  1. "And over there's where 'my Lee' felt me up for the VARY FIRST TIME !!!!! HE KNEW ALL MY 'SPECIAL SPOTS' !!!!"

  2. B, Excellent find on the time discrepancy! Here is an excerpt from "Me & Lee" of Judyth's recollections in meeting Lee in the post office:

    "Lee Oswald was slender, but well built; the type of man who would never get fat. He had intense, blue-gray eyes and fine wavy brown hair, with a precise way of carrying himself. As he turned toward me again, I saw the neckline of a clean white undershirt under his worn, but spotless, khaki shirt which created a sort of military air about him." (p. 114)

    With this kind of memory for detail, one would think that the author would accurately and consistently recall the time of day when this first meeting in the post office occurred!

    Another good point made in the exposé above is that Ms. Baker first published and later recalled a two-volume opus entitled "Lee Harvey Oswald: The True Story of the Accused Assassin of President John F. Kennedy, by His Lover."

    The question is: Why would the author suppress that work?

    For those interested, a used copy of the previous memoir may be purchased on Amazon for $7,500!

  3. James, If you will also note, her description of time in her book is early morning. She claims she worked slingin' hash, went home and changed, and then headed to the Post Office.

    The reason for her change in time was because of her earliest version and her lack of knowledge about testimony stating Ozzy was wearing a suit. Lifton recalls Judyth's original claims and explains around page 60 something about the conflict. Lifton apparently wasn't aware of her post to John Simkin. His problem was how Judyth said he was dressed. Judyth changed her story to account for Ozzy having to change clothes and then show up at the Employment Office in a white shirt and tie. Her problem was time. And no one has caught it until now (that i know of).

  4. B, Excellent find on that post to Simkin!

    Another inexplicable piece of writing is the description by Ms. Baker of Oswald as "slender, but well built."

    Well built????

    Have a look at this photo taken of Oswald around the time of the alleged meeting with Ms. Baker in New Orleans:

    The man on the left of the photo is well built. By contrast, Oswald has toothpick arms, no pecs, and no upper body development. This man does not resemble the one described by Ms. Baker.

  5. Notice she hasn't said a thing about your postings, B? Nor has any of her minions. I wonder why?

    1. I did see where they removed the sponsor section on the main page of the conference website.
      But I have yet to read anything from her cult members regarding her bullshit about her college days or this latest find.
      As far as I'm concerned, with this revelation, all else is irrelevant.
      She lied about her meeting with Oswald on the 26th. No doubt about it.

  6. Cool blog. What books would you recommend a novice person regarding the JFK assassination read?

    1. MMA....not to sound flippant but I recommend them all. I would start with reading a copy of the Warren Commission Report to allow you to see the Government's position in the investigation (or lack thereof). I would then start with the earliest books available to see the progression of information over time. It will also allow you to see what documentation an author used to back up his or her claims. It will be a long process, but will allow you to see the progression of information over time. It will also allow you to completely disregard the cranks in the woodpile. And there are many...Judyth Vary baker is one of the biggest.