Monday, July 24, 2017

Back and Well Rested

Glacier National Park

 Well, I'm back from two weeks in Montana. Several years ago, when my parents passed on, I took my inheritance and invested in several ventures. 
One of which was a 1,000 head cattle ranch in Idaho.

After checking on things and 4 days of paperwork, it was off to hike and fly fish.
I recommend it to everyone. ........The fly fishing not the cattle ranching.
Shit kickin' is the same whether it's in Buda or Boise.

And for my readers, from one head of the herd....
I offer another Head of the Herd....

1 comment:

  1. You were in God's Country, B.

    A river definitely runs through it.

    Visited Montana as a child, at Big Sky, near Bozeman. My Uncle Bill's buddy (ex-employee) Chet Huntley built a nice little place up that way. I remember never wanting to leave. Thanks for sharing. Stay well. +