Monday, July 31, 2017

I Think I Pissed Off Raff*

Bring it on Raff*. I can't wait to embarrass you in court in front of everyone. Also bring cash so you can finally settle the bets you've lost. You're a washed up imbecile that needs to be taught a lesson. I will be happy to oblige.

But back to your idiotic rants....

Really Raff*? That's all you got? You've actually shown the two faces are the same....

You really should hang it up Raff* I guess this shows just how stupid Jerome "Birther Boy" Corsi is for considering you an expert. Birther Boy and Buda Boy...a match made in heaven. Have you asked him to watch Deliverance with you yet?

Oh and about this.....


You always do the thing you accuse others of doing Raff*. That's called projecting. But you're too stupid to understand the concept.

Tell you what Raff*, why don't you get your butt buddy Corsi and his boss Alex to attend the day we see each other in court. Tell Alex to bring the pizza, Dick Hooke is dying to get a slice of Mr. Jones.....


  1. they might also enjoy watching Brokeback Mountain.

  2. You still owe that lady 500 bucks, Little Ralphie. Pay up, welcher !!!

    Do all of the other OIC 'senior members' know that you don't pay your wagers when you lose? They do now.

  3. Raff* likes to 'push n' puff'………… LOL !!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am so impressed with Dr. Cinque's newest member Robert Jordan. He is a computer engineer and he did a dandy job drawing an outline of the hand. This guy is a genius. I bet you money Robert Jordan is going to be famous for this brilliant work.