Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Moorman speaks the truth

Raff* Sink says...

Mary Ann Moorman says...


  1. I couldn't have said it better, Mary Ann !! Stars in your Crown +

  2. Did you hear the good news? Ralph Cinque is hitting the big timie and will be on the biggest truther netwok in the USA, INOFWARS!!

    It's over for you and the owner of this blog as it is for John Backes. Infowars has an enormous audience and Ralph will win over so many new fans who will see Oswald in the Doorway and Bookhout shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. Alex Jones is the most reputable radio host in the world right now for truth.

    I'm so excited for Ralph to feature on Infowars. It's been long overdue that he has got national exposure.

    Bpete, shut your site down before you become the target of humiliation of angry Infowars listeners on how you have persecuted and bulled the honorable Dr. Ralph Cinque.

    William "Jay" Knowles
    OIC Senior Member

  3. Half-a-Brain. Whatchu expect ? He does this when he's had a few too many (hic!)

  4. Based on my reading of this blog, the postings of William "Jay" Knowles are fraudulent and were not submitted by Mr. Knowles. If one clicks on his name above, the page that appears is entitled "Profile Not Available." If it were a legitimate post, the reader would be taken to the author’s home page or Google+ profile, as apparent in clicking on my name, as well as those of Mark Oblazney and seriouslybookin above.

    But to comment on the content of the post attributed to William "Jay" Knowles: the gist of the commentary is that Ralph Cinque is now somehow linked to Alex Jones and the "Infowars" site. To put it mildly, that will not be a venue providing "national exposure" to the wacky Cinque ideas. Instead, it will only keep him in the company of like-minded eccentrics.

    The interview of Alex Jones by Megyn Kelly did not help her national standing as a journalist, and it won't result in anything positive for the quintessential amateur photoanalyst, Ralph Cinque. Jones' work is not carefully documented and is rarely persuasive, just like Cinque’s.

  5. You're right, James. 98& of Raff*'s supporters exist only in that tiny little pea-sized brain of his. I wonder what his momma thinks of him? Or his children? Or his neighbours?

    Remember all the e-mails he sent to you, B? You really should re-post some of the gems for old times sake. BOK !!! BOK !!!! LOL !!!

  6. Mark, I enjoyed reading your description above. You touch on an important point about the troubling internet subculture today. There would appear to be a growing proclivity for certain human souls to get lost in their own little worlds as they engage obsessively with their computers. Have a look at this line of books coming out of the minds of Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek from what they call "Moon Rock Books":

    One of the titles, "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook," was a self-published work that was banned on Amazon.

    It is not easy to have a book banned on Amazon! Predictably, Dr. Fetzer found a way to use his "reasoning" to argue that that the banned book was a badge of honor due to a conspiracy between the Obama administration and Jeff Bezos to have the book removed from the listings at Amazon.

    1. Alas, James, the 'moonrocks' self-publishing business is going gangbusters, and not just for this topic/genre. When asshats like Fetze and Jones nail their demographic through Bernays-like advertising/marketing, it's like hitting a vein of gold in the mine. Where's that canary? Uh-oh……..