Sunday, April 1, 2018

Raff* the Minion

Due to my ongoing series over on the other site, Raff*'s been up late doing damage control...


  1. I wonder how Ol' Fetz feels about having his work revised.

    To put it mildly, it is unorthodox in academia for a writer to make a "major revision" to another scholar's published article.

    Apparently, ethics and integrity of an author's work do not apply to low standards of the Oswald Innocence Campaign!

  2. Here is another example of "Righteous" Ralph Cinque revising the work of other authors:

    In this case, Richard Hooke writes the following:

    "I never revised the chart. Ralph is lying, plain and simple. None of my writings every mentioned cigarette burns at all - that is his concoction. As a matter of fact, Ralph revised my 50 Points of Light himself and committed plagiarism."

    Was that just another “very small revision” you made, Ralph? I never thought highly of Hooke’s work, but I find it a disgrace to change an author’s work without his permission, which seems to be a nasty habit of yours!

    Several years ago, Professor Fetzer asserted that "Righteous" Ralph Cinque was "not an honest broker." It is easy to see why!