Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Raff* and his amazing research skills

Raff* has become an expert in research of every possible topic in the world....

Not in dealing with grain patterns in black and white film and subsequent enlargements of portions of the photo.

Raff* could do the 300 but we'll suffice with just one in an effort to show that even after researching the subject, Raff* is still a dumbass.....

Raff* doesn't understand that some things are inherent to the discussion of certain topics. It is understood that Brownian movement is a part of the process, but occasionally, authors will point it out to assholes like Raff* Sink, that do a search of a general topic like film processing, and think they're an expert on the subject.

This time Raff*, Google was not your friend.....

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  1. It is obvious from his superficial internet searches that Ralph Cinque is a rube when it comes to understanding the technical properties of photography. In his posts (like the ones posted above by bpete), he consistently reveals his ignorance about scientific topics.

    If Ralph were truly interested in photography, he should take an introductory course instead of plucking details from the web in order to win an argument. If he were a dedicated researcher, he would know that there are other explanations for photo anomalies than his pat conclusion of "photoshopping" for every detail that looks strange.

    It was astonishing to read Ralph’s statement about the small portion of the Altgens6 photo representing the space for a man's elbow:

    "Somebody put a dab of the photographic equivalent of Wite-out there….later, it was converted into an elbow."

    Wow! This nonsensical, speculative, and indeed comical writing about the “photographic equivalent of Wite-out” is an example of why Ralph Cinque is the laughingstock of the JFK research community.

    A point that Ralph conveniently ignores in his most recent screed is that the tiny imperfections resulting from emulsion in photo processing were discussed in an article recommended by Jim Fetzer. Perhaps Ralph should go back and erase more of Fetzer's writing from record. But to do the job properly, he may need a large supply of “Wite-out.”