Sunday, April 8, 2018

Raff* Likes His Shit

Raff* seems to be pissed a little more than usual today....

Um no Raff*, it means that I think you're wrong for like the bazillionth time. A guy walks out of the office wearing a hat and looks down when the photo was taken and suddenly the world is supposed to stop according to you.

Image by Kirby Sattler, screen shot from Raff* Sink's blog

I changed the subject? You really are a nimrod. You just admitted that you tried to change the subject and get me to stop posting about your asinine rantings on the Oswald's Incompetent Clowns website and worry about your inability to look at a photo and see what it contains. When your posts about a man with his head down didn't do the trick you decided to do a little ethnic stereotyping. You're so predictable Raff*.

Image by Kerby Sattler, screen shot from Raff* Sinl website

That guy doesn't give a shit about your racist rants either. It's a fictional character created by Kirby Sattler who does Native American art. You ripped it off and decided to use it while making racist remarks directed at me. I really don't give a damn because it confirms everything I've said about you. You're a disgruntled low life that thinks he's made an impact in the JFK sandbox when in reality, you've become a joke to rival that of Fetzer and Judyth Vary Baker.

Now as for your hat and your unwarranted attack on Prof. James Norwood....

Let me take the opportunity to explain the photo to you Raff*. The officer in the hat has looked down. Do you know how you can tell? You can see the free end of the ribbon on the hat band. It's located on the officer's left side. The Resistol hat has the ribbon crossed on the wearer's left side.


You can also tell the front of the hat by the way the crown is formed. If you knew anything at all about Resistol hats, you'd know that.

You can see it on Oswald's hat as well (sarc).....

Yippee Ki Yay Mudder Ruckers
Must be a youth model.....

Now as for this......

*Brian Pete is a name Raff* thinks is my name. If it were mine, he would have already tried to contact me and my employers and harass them and me, like he has done with others. Unfortunately for Raff* it's not, therefore I can go about my business and continue to point out how big an idiot Raff* is, in relative peace and quiet.

I never claimed that James H. Fetzer was using circular reasoning when he claimed that a guys elbow was an alteration. I just implied that James H. Fetzer, PhD, was a dumb ass. Where I claimed that Fetzer was using circular reasoning was when he said the only reason Altgens 6 would have been altered was because Oswald was in it and since he's not in it, it had to be altered.
But let's get back to the photo above. Raff* hasn't been paying attention. His own fellow Clowns have shown that the photo is legit when they made this comparison.....

Number 2 is the guy shielding his eyes.
You can read about it here:

I will now invite Prof. James Norwood to either submit a reply to Raff* and post it here(as I have done in the past) or he can respond in the comments below. Something that Raff*, James H. Fetzer and Judyth Baker refuse to do.

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