Sunday, October 30, 2016

Rivera Get's It Wrong (Again and again and ag...)

It's just like Raff* Sink to get his ass kicked and change the subject. Sad thing is his "lovelady's arrow" is the next to most pathetic "discovery" in the JFK world, second only to Richard Hooke's Danny Arce and his Johnny Seven toy walkie-talkies.

OIC wing nut Larry Rivera is almost as bad when he quotes Weisberg and they both end up wrong...

From Raff*'s blog
Oh, how easy they screw up. See, this is a perfect example of how disinfo artists conduct themselves.

Lovelady clearly testified before the Commission that he was standing where the man was standing in Altgens.

Lovelady is right where he said he was....

From Raff*'s blog

You can see from Raff*'s photo above, that they only arrow he found was pointing directly to Lovelady and wasn't across his forearm.

Larry will be here soon to get the "facts". He just won't tell Raff* about it.....


  1. Oh, Laaaaaaaarrrry !!! LOL !!!!!!

    When, oh when is Raff* going to crown himself OIC Chairman of the Bored? It's time to put a voice of reason at the helm of this ship !

  2. When Larry Rivera writes about Ralph's "discovery" of "the black arrow," he is once again mistaken even in attempting to acknowledge his tag-team partner.

    Specifically, Ralph made the claim only of a "tail" of an arrow, which he alleges is visible in a tiny area of the grainy Altgens6 photo.

    Does he truly want the world to believe that a seasoned trial lawyer like Joseph Ball (he defended Watergate culprit John Ehrlichman) would enter into evidence a SPECK in lieu of completely drawn and clearly visible arrow?

    These guys at OIC are just grasping for straws in their photo studies. And, as you indicate above, this was a most convenient occasion for Ralph to change the subject in the wake of the feedback he received on his ludicrous theory about Bookhout shooting Oswald.

    Indeed, this matter of the arrow was deflated way back in 2013 in this thread with commentary from you and David von Pein:!msg/alt.assassination.jfk/WyZxvO_PFOA/x90lp1T0thAJ