Thursday, April 28, 2016

Raff* admits it was his "cousin" UPDATE !!!!!

Raff* likes to bend over the bok choy
Well, it seems that Raff* is having a little trouble with the truth....

It turns out that Raff*'s "cousin" is actually a retreat guest. Isn't that right Mr. Poppa?


  1. Fantastic! And if you pay attention it's what's called a non-denial denial. He desperately wants you to think that what was going on in the state park had something to do with his cousin's band. Why was he in the state park? Why did he sneak in without paying admission? Why was his truck towed? Was Raff trying to get his groove back? Did he leave groove all over the truck?

  2. Add this to his High-Gene Movement (Mama Lily's money that was stolen by Raff*), Lipstick Alley and you've got a winner in the daily double. No wonder someone scratched 'fag' on his vee-hicle.