Saturday, October 29, 2016

One Omission ...

Professor James Norwood just reminded me that Judyth Very Faker*'s publisher is non other than Oswald Incompetent Clown Senior Member Robert Millegan...

There he is right next to Gary King.

Here are fellow OIC Senior Members Jim Fetzer, Gary King and Larry Rivera laughing at photos of Raff* on F.A.R.T.

And we all know what "Bob" thinks of Raff*...

Raff* is a plague in his own realm.....


  1. Good move, Kris…….. I wouldn't want to be at your own kookfest, either.

    When Asshats Collide………. Velikovsky-style !!

  2. At the close of Gary King's program #122, the host is scrolling down this bpete1969 site that is up on the screen, and Ralph Cinque interrupts to say, "Let's not given them any exposure."

    Ralph made this statement for good reason. The majors flaws of Ralph’s thinking are exposed in the string of articles and commentaries right here on the bpete blog.

    Read, enjoy, and learn!