Saturday, October 29, 2016

AS SEEN ON THE NEW JFK SHOW: Raff* Gets Punk'D (again)

Those rascals over at Gary King's New JFK Show just punk'd their buddy again. I'm sure there was relentless pressure by Raff* to get his latest sculpture de manure on the air. So much so, he's become a semi-regular with Fetzer, Fox, Rivera and King.

Notice Fetzer in the upper right going apesh*t over the definition of Fetzering

Raff* Sink was allowed the latter half of Episode #122 to expound further on his "FBI Agent Bookhout and not Jack Ruby shot Lee Oswald" meme.

Let's keep in mind that Raff*'s entire Bookhout 'they'ory is based on the following:

The mysterious "they", organized the assassination of the only suspect in the murder of JFK, by FBI Agent Bookhout, in front of scores of witnesses (some who recognized Jack Ruby as the shooter), in front of live feed TV cameras, and dozens of cops. The mysterious "they", then were able to keep the entire world silent over this event until some Russian contrived the thought that Jack Ruby wasn't Jack Ruby. Raff* Sink then ripped off the Russian's idea and suddenly determined that Jack Ruby wasn't Jack Ruby because the guy everyone identified as Jack Ruby was shorter than Jack Ruby, even though when shooting Oswald, Jack Ruby was described (and filmed) as being in a half crouched position.

From Raff*'s blog
More of Raff*'s proof that Jack Ruby was shorter than Jack Ruby....

Now, up to this point, Raff* has been scouring the internet to try to find someone that was shorter than Jack Ruby  on whom he could pin the blame. Raff* settled on James Bookhout. And this is the only reason why....

From Raff*'s blog
FBI Agent Hosty described exactly why Bookhout was standing on a pedestal in a doorway. So he would stand out above the crowd. He was trying to get Hosty's attention by waiving, and then started shouting at people to get out of the way, to let Hosty through the crowd. Bookhout wanted to waste no time in getting into the interview taking place in Fritz's inner office.

Raff* has determined, without any corroborating evidence, statements or photographs; that Bookhout was short and couldn't see above the crowd. Maybe the fact that Raff* is only 5' 6" explains his reasoning.

(Editor's note: Raff*'s repeated claims across the internet that Bookhout was short have recently taken a serious debunking at Raff*'s own hand, as we shall see in a moment.)

Raff* has been adamant in his claims about Bookhout...

The "they" in the above case are a couple of internet posters. I can't recall ever coming across anyone, anywhere in the JFK world, that questioned Bookhout's height, until Raff* came along.

Regardless....We are now at the point in the narrative where Raff* appears on Gary King's circle de jerk and Gary sets him up. After Raff* has droned on and on and Fetzer has told him repeatedly "We get it, we get it", Gary plasters F.A.R.T. across the screen.

Gary then brings up Prof. James Norwood, and his critique of Raff* and Fetzer's claim that Ruby didn't shoot Oswald. Raff* goes into bloviation mode and while doing so, Gary starts scrolling the screen shot of F.A.R.T., and we see some interesting things...

Notice the somber faces on their mugs when the above rolled across Gary's screen. Fellow OIC Senior Member and business partner of Raff* Sink is dead under mysterious circumstances and not a word from any of them...

Stephen H. Requa bit the bumper on a tandem trailer truck and not one fucking word. (And we'll see why in a bit)

We also see this...

At the end of the show, Gary King announced that they would take any debaters thus baiting debaters because The New JFK Show has the master-baiters of JFK research. I find it strange that they bait debaters yet can't take the time to refute one thing on this blog, in the comment section of this blog...not once, not ever.

But before we recap the situation to this point, I must mention that Jim Fetzer announced that he was going to post a rebuttal of Raff* by none other than his gal pal, Judyth Very Faker*....he also announced that next week we'll hear from Raff* on Judyth. 

Fetzer had Judyth Very Faker*'s rebuttal the entire time he was letting Raff* go on and on until "we all get it".

So let's recap....

Raff* Sink ripped off an idea by some Russian that someone other than Jack Ruby shot Lee Oswald. Raff* decided that the person had to be shorter than Ruby. He then decided somehow that the only person that could pull it off was a midget FBI Agent. He then settled on James Bookhout because of a passage in a book by FBI Agent Hosty and severe mental deficiency.

Raff* gets his story on the New JFK Show and when it's just about to end, Jim Fetzer pulls the rug out from under Raff* and announces that Raff*'s nemesis, Judyth will have her say.

F.A.R.T. Announces the following programming...(with apologies to the Blaze)

Upon the frozen tundra of the human mind,
Two individuals of infinitesimal intellect will collide in a cloud of glory...

Mental gladiators capable of turning a minor mental incline into an insurmountable summit...

Dolt versus Dimwit
Dunce versus Dolt
Moron versus Moron

in an epic battle of nitwits....


Over then next day or two, we see this on Jim Fetzer's blog...

Judyth Very Faker is the Queen of the Weaver Clan, a group of individuals that can only discuss the JFK assassination in terms woven around a false narrative, woven carefully over time. Judyth has managed to convince Jim Fetzer that she was Ozzy's girlfriend and yet, the entire world knew nothing of her existence until the 1990's when Judyth started interpreting her historical tapestry for the skeptics. We'll overlook the fact that until this very day, researchers have caught Judyth in lie after lie, forcing Judyth to rip out several threads and reweave her life story.

Judyth Very Faker was a Senior Member of the OIC until Raff* threw a tantrum and she was ejected.

Judyth takes Raff*'s 'they'ory apart photo by photo.

I must mention that Judyth Very Faker is as blind as a bat. She's so blind that she can't see that her photos haven't loaded on the very page where she claims her opinion, is all based on pictures.

But we don't need her photos because we know full well that Raff* will post them for us...

What's so comical about Raff*'s post is that he made the exact same claim in his first article on the subject.

Joe Backes proved Raff* was full of crap and now Raff* passes himself off as an expert.

To this day, neither Raff* Sink or Judyth Very Faker, can produce a photo positively identifying James Bookhout as an adult.

But this doesn't keep Judyth from creating a part 2 to her debunking of Raff*...

We're still waiting for photos to's been 3 days...

Judyth finishes with this....

And there's Prof. James Norwood's post asking Jim to explain how he sits on the fence. One side is nothing but bull shit, the other, horse shit...Fetzer's gonna get one of 'em on his boots and we've already placed our bet on which.....

We can't wait to hear Raff*'s rebuttal to Judyth Very Faker*....

Now, in the course of Raff* getting pissed off at Judyth for dare questioning his 'they'ory, he made a ridiculous statement on Facecrook in response to a comment made by our friend Lance Uppercut. Raff* was trying to dismiss Judyth's position in the JFK world by claiming that her publisher was going to dump her. Lance called bullshit and took it straight to Judyth Very Faker*'s publisher...

Calling All Angels was written by Raff*'s dead business partner, Stephen H. Requa, And we find that Requa wasn't happy with Raff*. No wonder Raff* refuses to acknowledge Requa's death.
A whole new can-o-worms just opened up for Raff*. Let's see if his paranoid fantasies get the best of him.

In the meantime....let's go back to that Bookhout thing.

Raff* took it upon himself to try to prove his 'they'ory was legit. He found a contact that he hoped would provide corroboration of this...

Amazing what fiction can be wrought from the mind of Raff*...

That aside, Raff* found an old co-worker of FBI Agent Bookhout and started emailing him...

Most probably, he replied to an email sent by Raff*...

James Bookhout was 6 feet in height or taller.

But this didn't satisfy Raff*. Keep in mind that this is an email exchange. Raff* makes it sound like a conversation but it's not. Raff* copped an attitude with a retired FBI Agent and stepped on his dick...again...

Why don't you post the full email chain Raff*? 

Never mind, we pretty much know how it went.

This saga is far from over.............


  1. This comment by Prof. James Norwood was mistakenly deleted by me. My sincere apologies to prof. Norwood...

    James Norwood has left a new comment on your post "AS SEEN ON THE NEW JFK SHOW: Raff* Gets Punk'D (ag...":

    In my article below, I identified Jim Fetzer and Ralph Cinque as "two social networking addicts engaged in grandstanding and attention-grabbing." In this superbly prepared collation by bpete, we have a thorough demonstration of the appalling degree of mindless internet discourse provided by these two men.

    There are many important points to discuss from this outstanding synthesis and commentary. One point I would observe at the outset pertains to the quotation from publisher Kris Millegan, who writes the following: “I have found Mr. Cinque to be inflammatory and almost always incorrect.”

    As of the current date, Mr. Millegan is listed as one of the "Senior Members" of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. His quote speaks volumes about the true nature of that non-functional organization. I have to wonder if Mr. Millegan is even aware of his "membership" status.

  2. A most excellent post, B !!

    I can't wait for their fucking Ozzfest next month. Should be a real hum-dinger, huh? Too bad Ralph's not invited. Perhaps Fetzer can give up his speaking spot for the little weiner?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. One inaccuracy here.

    Raff* couldn't even find his dick well enough to step on it if he used a microscope to find it and pull it out from between those green bok choy hairs.

    1. My interchange with Jim Fetzer has continued on his blog:

      Fetzer claims that the discussion of the topic of whether Ruby or Bookhout shot Oswald is a "fascinating turn of events in the history of research on the death of JFK." I replied as copied below:

      James Norwood November 2, 2016 at 1:46 PM

      "I would not classify Judyth Baker’s or Ralph Cinque’s pieces as 'research.' Neither writer draws upon the eyewitnesses (journalists and police officers) who witnessed the killing of Oswald in the basement of the Dallas police headquarters on November 24, 1963. Ruby was so familiar to the press and the police that there was no confusion whatsoever in identifying him as the killer, based on extant accounts among the one hundred police officers and newsmen present in the garage basement on November 24, 1963.

      Understanding the identity of Oswald’s murderer is not a philosophical conundrum to be resolved by the critical rationalism of Karl Popper. Neither is it a question of probabilities or actuarial work. Rather, it is a question for the historian to synthesize corroborating facts of visual, aural, forensic, and written evidence. Neither Baker nor Cinque expresses the slightest interest in the historical evidence.

      In all four articles submitted by Baker and Cinque, there are no footnotes or source materials. The two writers are only positing subjective interpretations of photographs. From his computer, Cinque invariably draws upon degraded photos or film stills with no regard to the provenance of the images. And, in the case of Baker’s articles, most of the photos have yet to appear on the screen as of November 2!

      Yet somehow, you call this 'a fascinating turn of events in the history of research on the death of JFK.' I suspect that Karl Popper would refer to that statement as an example of hyperbole."