Sunday, October 30, 2016

Raff* Sink...the three pump chump

Raff* is nothing more than the proverbial three pump chump. You know the a lot of shit and then when it comes time to perform, 3 pumps and done.

Pump One...

Doorway man. Raff* insisted that he had the smoking gun when he announced that because of his expertise, he and only he, could determine that Lee Oswald was actually Billy Lovelady.

In reality we found that Raff* had nothing. No evidence, no sense and no game. The truth finally hit Raff* when he was busted recently for saying that Oswald's shirt had an almost plaid appearance after denying for years that he himself admitted that Lovelady was wearing a plaid shirt.

Pump Two....

Mary Moorman's photo was taken by someone else. Raff* got his ass handed to him quickly on this one. Photos were produced by myself and others to show that Moorman's photo was legit and and impossible to have been taken anywhere else except Moorman's position.

Pump Three...

Ruby didn't shoot Oswald, Bookhout did. Raff*'s best work. Weeks and weeks of bloviations only to be shown as bullshit by Raff* himself.

Reduced to internet troll.....shame.


  1. Thanks, B.

    Ol' Raff* done shot his load. All that's left now is dried-up drippins'.

  2. All three of these issues (Doorway Man, Moorman photo authenticity, and Bookhout substituting for Ruby) are a perversion of scholarly inquiry. In the hands of Ralph Cinque, they may not even be considered as "research." It is important to take a stand against the poisoning of the JFK research community, and you have done an exemplary job responding point-by-point to his false assertions on all three “pumps.” Great work!