Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Raff* Retorts !

Raff* Sink is one addled brained old man.

If you scroll down this page, you will see the post below this is an excellent observation by Professor James Norwood on the research abilities of Raff* Sink and Jim Fetzer (hereafter called Raffetzer*).

Professor Norwood pointed out how a claim by Raffetzer* was so easily refuted by facts....those pesky things ignored by so many that play in the sandbox known as Raff*'s world.

Raff* then spent half the night composing a long winded reply to Prof. Norwood. In it, we find this gem...

You have to be one incompetent asshat to think that there was only one reporter in that garage that recognized Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby's world was the beat for several of the reporters assembled.  The out of town Producer for NBC even knew Ruby.

Had Raff* taken a few seconds to do an internet search, he would have found this...

Coordinating NBC’s coverage from a mobile unit in Dealey Plaza was Fred Rheinstein.
Rheinstein, an NBC producer and director, flew in from California the day after Kennedy’s assassination to help facilitate coverage. His crew, made up of Californians like himself and Fort Worth affiliates, were unfamiliar with Dallas.
Fortunately, they were approached by Ruby, who seemed to know everyone in town, and was more than happy to help the crew, Rheinstein said.
“Ruby was not above enjoying his celebrity,” Rheinstein said Saturday. 

There's another gentleman that's easy to find on the net....Hugh Aynesworth.

At 11:30 a.m. on November 22, 1963, Hugh Aynesworth was sitting next to Jack Ruby in the Dallas Morning News cafeteria. Ruby finished his meal and went upstairs to the advertising office to place an ad for his club. Aynesworth remembers thinking, “There goes that son of a bitch Ruby, trying to get his name in the paper again.” Since there was no pressing story on his aviation and space beat that day, Aynesworth decided to take a long lunch hour and watch the President’s parade through Dallas....

... Two days later Aynesworth’s wife suggested they go down to the police station to watch Oswald moved to the county jail. Aynesworth, who had been working night and day trying to piece together Oswald’s escape route, at first didn’t want to go. He was tired; there was no time for idle sight-seeing. His wife, however, prevailed, and both were in the basement when Jack Ruby lunged forward and fired that one shot into Oswald’s stomach.

 Within seconds, it was possible to find multiple examples. Which proves Prof. Norwood to be spot on with his description of the methods employed by Raffetzer*.

Prof. Norwood described exactly how Raff* would react to being challenged.

Raffetzer*....another effort of the Weaver Clan to rewrite history to fit their deluded claims.


  1. Here is another priceless quote from Ralph Cinque in which he lays bare his flawed methodology: “The images rule. Images trump testimonies."

    That statement may be true in the myopic world-view of Ralph Cinque. But in the real world, images are subject to interpretation that must be corroborated by other factual evidence in order to be credible. Ralph believes that he has made a “discovery” about a man wearing sunglasses in a dark garage basement. But in fact, he is offering only one “interpretation” of that image. If the interpretation had validity, there would be universal agreement about his perspective. Not only is there no universal agreement; Ralph Cinque has once again become the laughingstock of the internet in the area of JFK studies.

    Whether it is “Black Hole Man” or “Sunglasses Man,” Ralph’s interpretations are not shared by enough of a critical mass to change our thinking about Oswald or Ruby. In the real world, images do not “rule”; they are only one piece of the puzzle.

    I suspect that someone is living in delusion and denial.

  2. I think my uncle Jerry O'Leary was there, too, or at least nearby.

    This is beyond even commenting about……. on beyond stupid.

  3. Excellent examples are provided above by bpete! Another good wrap-up of reporter Hugh Aynesworth was published by "The Telegraph" at the time of the fiftieth anniversary in 2013:

    In the article, Aynesworth recalls standing approximately fifteen feet away from Ruby in the garage basement: "I saw Ruby lunge forward, I heard the pop – one shot.”

    I find it amusing that Ralph is asking us questions that he should have investigated and resolved for himself BEFORE, as opposed to AFTER, publishing his article and making a fool of himself across the internet.

  4. Gentlemen,

    Have a look at this interchange on Google Group discussions between Ralph Cinque and Marcus Hanson:!topic/alt.assassination.jfk/t3grq-8C30o

    Marcus is helpfully advising Ralph to register for one of the internet genealogical data bases, in order to do a more thorough job in studying the background and photo history of James Bookhout. Ralph replies as follows:

    "We have the images of Young Bookhout, and they correlate perfectly with the image of the Ruby impostor. That suffices."

    Marcus replies:

    "No, it does not. More diligent research is needed."

    Marcus is putting it mildly. The fact of the matter is that Ralph has NOT definitely identified Bookhout from photo images of Bookhout as a young man. And even if he were conclusively to identify the younger Bookhout, that still is irrelevant as to arguing that Jack Ruby was not the shooter of Oswald on 11/24/63.

    Some of this dialogue is more creative than the repartee from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

  5. For his October 28 blog, Jim Fetzer now brings on his friend Judyth Baker with a two-part exposé of Ralph Cinque's shoddy photographic analysis:

    While Fetzer was the co-author of Cinque's preposterous view that Bookhout shot Oswald, he now places on his blog an article undermining Cinque's entire premise.

    Reading Cinque's article in conjunction with Baker's analysis reveals the limitations of exclusively examining degraded photographs and film stills, then leaping to unfounded conclusions. I would argue that both Cinque and Baker have written insubstantial and unpersuasive pieces from which we can learn nothing about the JFK assassination. It’s coin toss as to which is the least persuasive article, but I would give the nod to Baker as a better writer than Ralph. At least, she attempts to bring in selective corroborative evidence to support her position.

    With Baker's exposé, it would appear that Ralph Cinque's ship is now sinking like the Titanic.

  6. One reporter who recognized Jack Ruby in the garage was Seth Kantor.