Friday, August 21, 2015

It's not that hard Ralph

Ralph is really having a rough time. Since being banned by a couple of Facecrook pages, he's left to his blog that very few read and pulling statements by others off of various sites to argue over. Of course he's basically arguing with himself, but in doing so, he shows his stupidity.

Example..... here was a post I made at McAdams forum just the other night. I was responding to Ralph's original post...

This was Ralph's response...

Really Ralph ? You claim that everything marked with an X, in the photo below, was altered...

Let's add Billy Lovelady to that and we get 7 major alterations.You even claim that "they" removed Buell Frazier from the photo.

But "they" couldn't do this?

This is another reason people laugh at you.

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