Monday, August 24, 2015

You Sure You Want To Revisit This Ralph?

Are ya sure Ralph, 'cause you didn't do so well last time.


  1. "Honest" Ralph Cinque has completely lost credibility when he pulls up his photo diagrams of Altgens6. Honest Ralph will not convince anyone that the photo has been altered when the details about the photo keep changing. If one of the bystanders is identified by Honest Ralph as Roy Lewis, and Roy Lewis suddenly becomes Carl Jones, then how is it possible to take seriously Honest Ralph's claims about the man in the doorway?

  2. Larry Rivera must be very proud of Raff*, as are all of the OIC 'senior members'. The Brain Trust.

  3. Ralph Cinque sent me an e-mail today, asking for clarification about my points raised above. I attempted to provide him with helpful guidance in understanding the inherent dishonesty in his blog postings, especially when there are blatant contradictions and inconsistencies among his and other OIC members' interpretations of films and photos. If his interpretations keep changing over time, he loses more and more credibility. Ralph did not seem receptive to my constructive criticism, and it now appears that his firm stance is that both the Altgens6 and Moorman photos are fake and even the Bell film has been altered!

    He wrote me back the following:

    "James, I am happy to say that since your departure, my accord with Larry Rivera, our new Chairman, has grown. Larry has supported me in my recent findings, including on the Moorman photo and now the Bell film. Larry is going to meet me in Dealey Plaza, and we are going to take pictures to prove that the Moorman photo was altered and that Mary Moorman didn't take it. And there will be a motorcycle rider there to fill in for BJ Martin. I already know how it's going to come out; it's going to show the impossibility of what we see of BJ Martin in the Moorman photo. Larry has been working feverishly on his Brunson paper, which has grown to a small book. Time marches on, James, and so do we. Ralph"