Monday, August 31, 2015

Raff* Is Too Stupid To Check A File Size

Oh dear...Raff* is beside himself...

The only thing weird about the situation is you, Raff*. You're too stupid to check the file size...

Click on photo for larger view

Click on photo for larger view

In fact, the two photos are 2 pixels different in height and width. And the reason for that is you're looking at screen captures of the actual photo. The actual photos both measure 4000 x 3000 pixels.

The first photo info:
dimension...4000 x 3000
Horizontal and vertical resolution...300dpi
Exposure time.... 1/216 sec.
ISO Speed...ISO-64
Focal Length....9mm

Second photo info:

dimension....4000 X 3000
Horizontal and vertical resolution....300 dpi
Exposure time...1/201 sec.
ISO Speed...ISO-64
Focal Length....5 mm

The only thing patently obvious Raff*, is that you are a dumb ass. And you prove it multiple times each day....


  1. I liked how he tried to erase "Ralph Cinque will steal this photo," while he stole the photo. What a putz!

  2. How can he stand it? Being so stupid, I mean.

  3. I now see what Fetzer sees in Raff*....buffoon in a can.

    Raff* makes some of the crap that Fetzer serves seem palatable.