Saturday, August 22, 2015

You're being a little two-faced there Ralph

Oh that's right, you praise Larry Rivera when you think he supports one of your claims, but when his claims makes it hard for you, you throw him under the bus like this...

And then you make these claims about how much technology they had in 1963 and how easy it was for "them" to manipulate film and video....

So, let me get this straight.......they had the technology to put one film into another seamlessly, but they couldn't remove an object from a photo without leaving a "scar".... hear that Ralph? People are still laughing.

And it's Mr. Pete, to you.


  1. Dang, B…… I forgot how much fodder Raff*'s given you from his famous journal. Will he make 10,000 posts? And remember why he started his blog? The Facebook fiasco ? This has been going on a long time now. He ain't lettin' go of….. dat' bone !!!! LOL !!! Am still perplexed as to why NONE of the 'senior members' have even attempted to distance themselves from this fool.

  2. Mark,

    I can answer your question.

    The OIC members do not read Ralph's blog, the title of which implies that Ralph is writing views representative of the group as a whole. Additionally, the members are not aware that there are presently five internet blogs dedicated to setting the record straight about Altgens6 photo alteration and other issues raised in the daily postings of Ralph Cinque.

    To the OIC organization, Ralph vaguely asserts that he has "enemies," who are "working for the other side." But he does not inform his membership of the alternative websites, which would allow them to see for themselves that the "enemies" are knowledgeable JFK researchers dedicated to the truth about the assassination.

    Recently, Ralph publicly introduced a new member of the OIC, whom Ralph had recruited after meeting him on Facecrook. According to Ralph, this new recruit "vaulted our membership into new ground...We are bigger than we have ever been." However, the new member was obviously unaware that he was signing on to the creed of Altgens6 photo alteration. Almost certainly, he was unaware of the "party line" of seven alterations in the doorway portion of the Altgens6 photo.

    It is obvious that the OIC members do not all agree on the specifics of Ralph’s convoluted interpretation of the Altgens6 photo. And unless there is unanimity from the members, it will be impossible for the OIC to make any positive contribution to JFK studies.

  3. Then what must be done to end this stupidity ? Joe Backes tried to dissuade Professor McKnight, to no avail. And to posthumously put Jack White (and, to an extent, Weisberg) along with the rest of the dummies is just plain wrong. Do their heirs care? Look what this jerk put poor Mary through ! Who's next… Marina? What's the difference between being a 'senior member' of the OIC and being a 'member' of Ashley Madison ?

    One possibility in is to confront Jesse Ventura concerning his support of Judyth Vary Baker, and then ask him about Cinque's bansd of bozos, as Ralph's been bandying his name around in his latest post of mental manure. This would be a good episode for Sean Stone and Jesse's boy to cover.

    This foolishness must end.