Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ralph, are you bi-polar or tri-polar?

Ralph, get a grip old man. You're losing it.

Then why do you have this on your blog?

The OIC Chairman, Larry Rivera says that Frazier was removed from Altgens.

In fact, here you are proudly announcing it....

Brilliant you said, of historic importance even.


  1. Recently, Ralph Cinque had the courtesy to post on his blog a couple of my commentaries. Also, I agreed wholeheartedly with his analysis of the recent 2 1/2 hour documentary film made by James Lambert.

    But I must concur with the critique above prepared by bpete. How is it conceivable for the OIC to have any credibility unless the members are in agreement with the group's central premise of Altgens6 photo alteration? If the various members have different views on what was altered in the photo, the OIC will never be taken seriously.

    Ralph is entitled to his opinions. But as an organization, the OIC has no credibility with the current emphasis on the Altgens6 photo. And, sadly, the group will be counter-productive in raising awareness of the truth of the assassination of JFK.

  2. You nailed his ass bpete.

    Very nice.